Holistic Spaces 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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We're excited to be back with our second Holistic Spaces Holiday Gift Guide, and this year we're focusing on balancing out the elements in our holistic spaces and lives. All year we've shared ways to bring balance to your life by paying attention to the five element theory, an ancient Chinese philosophy that we utilize in feng shui. Listen in here for podcasts and check out our My Favorite Things posts, take a peek at Nine Star Ki, then consider your individual friends and family and give something supportive this year! Don't worry, we'll help you out. :)

For More Metal:

Your gift recipient needs more metal if she doesn't speak up for herself, has trouble completing things or could use more beauty in her life. Metal is symbolic of righteousness and joy and assists with attracting helpful people and efficiency. It is related to the Benefactors and Completion areas of the bagua map, metallic colors, white, grey, autumn, circular shapes and actual metal. Keep these tips in mind, and take a look at these two perfect gifts for those in need of metal. 

Modern Minerals Emotive Lip Gloss

I recently met the beautiful Diane Read, founder of Modern Minerals Makeup, at a full moon meditation hosted by Lotus Wei. She offered me a sample of her Emotive Lip Gloss, which I've been obsessed with ever since! The lipgloss is infused with flower and gemstone essences in collaboration with Lotus Wei, and formulated to "uplift and awaken positivity."

So, how does this tie into the metal element? Metal relates to the mouth and beauty. The Emotive Lipgloss encourages "Love, inner strength, compassion and living in the present moment" and how we manifest that in the world through our voice and with joy. Perfect for that friend lacking in metal!

Available at: Modern Minerals

"Little Black Book" Daily Action Planner

Since those lacking metal can have difficulty with efficiency and completing projects, a day planner is an excellent way to encourage the addition of metal in these areas. 

This style, the 30-day action planner, is my favorite design, but Savor also offers 90-day versions and other 30-day versions. In fact, a 90-day planner would be great for feng shui, since it is a multiple of the auspicious number 9!

I’ve been using the daily action planner systems for a few years now, and it’s been INDISPENSABLE to manifesting my goals. So for those who need a little (or a lot of) help with precision, organization and action planning, this is for you!

P.S. This one is especially great for entrepreneurs. I would say it's made a huge difference in how I plan and complete things.

Available at: Savor the Success

For More Fire:

If your friend or family member is fearful of and afraid to express anger or lacking passion in life, he may need more fire! Fire represents explosiveness, passion and sincerity, and relates to the eyes and heart, making fire people very heartfelt. It is related to the Recognition area of the bagua map and the color red, as well as triangular shapes, the season of summer, lighting and actual fire, and can add passion and recognition to life. If this sounds like something your gift recipient could use, try these!

Artisanal Intention Candles

My friend Valerie Oula has created a collection of candles enhanced with reiki energy, healing sound vibrations, crystals and sacred geometry

Each candle is made of natural soy, essential oils, safe fragrances and a cotton wick. They're housed in reusable jars and even come with a guided meditation

Of course, candles actually produce fire, which is one way to add this element, but fire is also related to passion, so to enhance the adjustment, choose a candle that will help cultivate passion in an area where your receiver needs support. 

Available at: Modern Ritual NYC

Experience: Signature Makeup Lessons

Another amazing and successful woman I recently met is natural beauty expert, Rebecca Casciano. She has created a Sacred Beauty Salon Series which is offered in varying locations around the U.S. and aims to teach women the relationship between appearance and self-love in addition to practical makeup tips. 

One of her offerings is a natural beauty makeup lesson. I think this is invaluable in creating more fire energy in your life. Rebecca can help you create more passion and love with how you show your face in the world.

Available at: Rebecca Casciano

For More Earth: 

Your recipient may need more Earth if she struggles to show care and concern for others or is overly concerned with herself. The Earth element is related to earthy colors (of course..) like brown, orange and yellow as well as the Abundance, Health and Knowledge areas of the feng shui bagua map. Square shapes also represent the Earth element, which holds a quality of stability and nourishment. If your friend or family could use a little help with the Earth element, these are wonderful places to start!


Good Vibrations

The founder of AromatheraChi, Andrea Giordano, is my partner in creating the holistic, all-natural items in the Holistic Spaces apothecary

Her AromatheraChi line offers many wonderful items including this Good Vibrations soap, a very earthy and grounding blend including patchouli. It's also brown in color and square, which both relate to the Earth element as well. 

You can check the Aromatherachi site for other options, but Good Vibrations is an excellent earth adjustment for men or women. My husband loves it!

Available at: AromatheraChi


Sun Yantra.jpg

GIFT CERTIFICATE for Holistic Spaces Feng Shui Consultation with Anjie Cho

We recently added a new offering on our services page, gift certificates for a consultation! I've found that those who need more Earth have a hard time spending time and energy on self-care.

What a treat for your loved one to receive a feng shui consultation in which they can learn about how to create a space that nurtures and supports them!

Both online and in-person consultations are available in a gift certificate format.

Available at: AnjieCho.com

For More Water:

Is your Secret Santa somewhat isolated, maybe finding it hard to make friends, connect with others and find opportunities? Give him some Water! The Water element is related to winter, dark colors like black and deep blues and the Path in Life area of the bagua. It is represented by wavy shapes and, of course, actual water, relates to knowledge and intelligence and can help with cash flow! Keep these characteristics in mind when shopping for someone who needs more Water, and check out some of our favorites! 

The Water Collection

It makes sense that an easy way to add more water is to use...well..water! This collection from Sakara Clean Boutique is perfect for balancing the water element and providing supportive chi. 

Enhanced with rosewater, liquid chlorophyll and 72 different trace minerals, Sakara recommends drinking the morning water while setting intentions for the day and sipping night water to relax and detox before bed. 

Not only are these recipes actually water, the night version is black, which reinforces the Water element as well! 

Available at: Sakara

Book: Let It Out

Our frequent guest and dear friend, Katie Dalebout, released her first book earlier this year, and it's the perfect gift for someone lacking in Water. 

Let It Out is a guide to journaling, including "insights and exercises that will elevate your life and get you “unstuck”—for good." 

Even if your friend or family member has never journaled before, this blueprint can help to break through the blocks preventing connection and opportunities, and encourage the flow (like water) of positive chi. 

Available at: Amazon, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble and more

For More Wood:

If you're looking for a gift for someone who seems ungrounded and is often indecisive and tends to always go with the flow, you may need a Wood item! Wood is related to Spring and the colors green and blue and represents qualities of flexibility, kindness, life energy and human-heartedness. The Wood element symbolizes growth and is represented by the New Beginnings and Abundance areas in the bagua. If your gift recipient could use a little more Wood, try these on for size! 


Ferlin Picnic Backpack

I know that we are currently experiencing cold temperatures in most places, but I couldn't help but include this one!

My husband and I received one of these sets as a wedding gift, and it’s seriously the best thing ever! It gets us out in nature (in the warmer months of course), and for someone who needs more Wood, this is a great way to get out to a park or out in nature 😃

These backpacks are great in spring, the season of new beginnings, which also represents the Wood element, and there's also an option to get a blue and green set, the Wood colors! 

Available at: Amazon

Nine Steps to Health / Total Wellness Empowerment

Wood is also related to action and transformation. Think of a tree sprouting and reaching out into the sunlight. This is the amazing work that my friend and nutritionist, Nancy Guberti provides.

I’ve been working with her on and off for years, and this year especially closely, and working with Nancy on my health has been a truly transformative and supportive experience.

I’ve been eating pretty healthy for almost a decade, but Nancy gently suggests even more shifts that I could incorporate that have made phenomenal changes in my everyday life with mood and appearance.

Even if you think you know about wellness, Nancy’s program can help you make huge strides in your life! (I have Nancy as my coach, but the nine steps is a little more affordable). 

Available at: Total Wellness Empowerment (Coaching); NancyGuberti.com (Nine Steps)