Q&A Sunday: Improving a Bedroom

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Is it ok to place the bed where the headboard is on the same side of bedroom door? Opposite the door is a 2-door built-in closet, and the window is in the corner on the on the same side of the closet. Also, the centralized air conditioning outlet is on the same side as the entrance, and the air is blowing right on our heads when we sleep. I'd like to do a complete make over of the room to create more space and am thinking of getting rid of our TV stand with cupboards and our dresser. What is the best color for a bedroom? Is pink relaxing? I am a widow, so only my daughter and I are sleeping in the room.

Carina T., Salmiya, Kuwait


Hi Carina

Hello to Kuwait! Thank you for your email, floor plan and questions.

First question: Headboard on same side of bedroom door

According to the basic feng shui principle of the commanding position, you do not want locate your headboard on the same wall as your bedroom door. In your floor plan it looks like your headboard is not on the same wall. So that would be good, and you would be in command.

When you arrange your bed so that you cannot see the door from your sleeping position, you are unable to see what is coming at you, both physically and metaphorically. In feng shui philosophy, it's best to be able to see what may be approaching you so that you can seize opportunities and prepare for other circumstances. Physiologically, having your back to the door produces a stress response, and even though you may not feel it directly, it wears down over time and can create health issues. 

However your bed is right next to the wall. It would be better if you could have some space between the bed and the wall. Perhaps because you are a widow, you need that extra support on the side wall. But overall it’s better to move that bed away from the wall if you can. Ideally 18”, but as much as you can.

Second question: Air conditioning blowing on your heads

This is not very comfortable to have the air conditioning blowing on your head, however I don’t think you have enough room to place the bed in any other location. Is there a way to change the direction of the air so it’s more comfortable? This is more of a mundane issue, as the bed location is more important.

Third question: Making more space, removing TV stand and dresser

It would be great if you could eliminate the TV in the bedroom, as it creates a more peaceful and EMF-free environment. This is especially important if you have sleeping problems. The dresser can go, if it’s not necessary. Then that gives you some space to move your bed over more into command and off the wall.

Final question: Color for room

In general, I always ask what color YOU like. But as a guideline, blues and greens, as well as earth tones can be healing, relaxing and supportive. Pink is not necessarily relaxing… but if it’s a color you like, listen to your intuition. Pink relates to relationships and the mother in feng shui philosophy. It’s also feminine and yin. So maybe you’re drawn to pink because you need some support!

by Anjie Cho

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