How To Feng Shui Your Makeup Bag & Get Radiant

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image credit:   mbg creative

image credit: mbg creative

Whether your beauty bag contains a wide variety of high-end makeup products or just a few natural fragrances and daily necessities, it's important that it reflects how you feel about yourself and your beauty, both inside and out. Every day, you deserve to feel beautiful, and your beauty bag can hold the key!

Everything in your life, especially objects that are near and dear to you, like your beauty bag, can affect you energetically in many areas of your life. The beauty bag, or cosmetics bag, is something most of us carry in our purses and handbags, something we engage with almost every day. It may hold items other than cosmetics, but in general, it contains tools to help us beautify our appearance in the world. The contents can affect how we view and honor ourselves on the inside as well, so it is something to pay attention to.

Let's take a look at how your beauty bag measures up in feng shui terms and see what you can do to enhance the potential to look and feel your most beautiful. Give it a little feng shui love, and watch the transformation!

Your Makeup Bag

Let's start by taking a good look at your makeup bag. Is it clean, fresh, and new? Or is it shabby and torn? Your beauty bag can give you an internal weather report. Ideally we want a beautiful, clean, and well-cared-for beauty bag because it reflects upon your own degree of self-care and health. If your bag needs a little updating or refreshing, the simple act of giving attention to this object will create new positive energy in your life. Remember, it affects how beautiful you feel on the inside and outside. full article

by Anjie Cho