Why Pink Makeup Makes You Believe Everything Is More Rosy

featured this week in MindBodyGreen by Kayla Jacobs

image credit:  MindBodyGreen

image credit: MindBodyGreen

Pink is usually a color associated with spring and it’s not hard to understand why; candied shades are far easier to get on board with when they go hand in hand with a season’s vibrant days. Bold fuchsias, petal pinks and soft lilacs; pink makeup calls to mind the prettiest of flower-filled gardens and provides a welcome antidote to winter's dark nails—lessons in beauty psychology don't get any better.

As a color, its ability to stir up emotions, gender bias and feminine connotations are legendary. "The power of pink lies in its combination of passionate red and the purity of white," says Feng Shui expert Anjie Cho. "In Feng Shui, pink is a color that creates romantic and rosy emotions. This is especially important in colder, light-scarce months, when we need the bright clarity of white with the warmth and positivity of fiery red."

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