Vision and Clarity for the New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! And welcome 2017!

I can’t believe it’s been five years of blogging’s been amazing journey, and I’m looking forward to more to come! Following last year's choice of the word "inspiration," I want to share with each of you my view for this year: vision and clarity.

With regard to vision, I just pulled a healing angel oracle card titled “Vision.” It reads: 

A positive outcome requires a positive vision. Visualize everyone involved in your present situation surrounded by light and love — make sure to include yourself also. Your love has the power to influence and transform the current events.

This card was very enlightening for me, because I think it’s essential to have a positive outlook, and most of us get that, however, what I often forget is to include myself! I'm looking forward to including myself in this year's positive outlook!

Then there's the second part: clarity. Clarity is so important, because it’s about clear seeing, clear vision. There’s precision and brilliance that comes from clarity. It is of the utmost importance to see what’s really there, see things as they are. To quote one of my teachers, Steve Saitzyk: 

We need to be able to work with things as they fundamentally are and not just how we think, believe, hope or fear they are.

I tend to get so caught up in my preconceived perspectives of what I believe is “right.” For instance, I was talking to a teacher about expanding my business earlier today. I have it stuck in my mind that I need to hire a particular kind of person, and then everything will be perfect. But when asked to clarify what my vision is, I just want more time. It may or may not be a new staff member that helps with this vision. It seems I need to look and see clearly what my vision is!

Of course, my feng shui twist on how to create vision and clarity is a wonderful way to reinforce your intentions in your physical environment. It’s very simple: clean your windows! I’m talking squeaky clean! In fact, we just called someone to clean our windows. 😃 Your windows represent your eyes and how clearly you see in the world…how do your windows look? For bonus points, use green cleaning products, like our favorite glass cleaning recipe.

Chogyam Trungpa summarized the importance of vision and clarity well, when he wrote:

The universe is constantly trying to reach us to say something or teach something, but we are rejecting it all the time

If we open our eyes and minds to seeing things with vision and clarity (and love), we can hear what the universe has to share. And I promise it will be beautiful. Here's to the new beginning of a year of vision, clarity and listening to the universe! 

by Anjie Cho