The Best Colors for Small Space Decorating

featured this week on About Home by Diana Hathaway Timmons

The best colors for your small room don't have to be light, or even neutral. How you decorate a small space is more important than choosing the lightest color in hopes of making the room look larger. Darker colors can work well in small rooms with the right lighting, trim color, and accessories. There are easy tricks to using color in small spaces that anyone can use, regardless of the color you choose.

Eleven top designers share their favorite colors for creating a beautiful small space with color in this gorgeous slideshow.

Baby Seal Black - Benjamin Moore

From designer Anjie Cho: "I love using Baby Seal Black for an accent wall that pops in a small room. Often there's a small space serving many different purposes, and this contrasting accent wall not only creates a focal point, but helps define a different area of the room. We often use the wall for a wall-hung TV and dark credenza so it blends in. The TV doesn't stand out like a sore thumb and the room ends up feeling more spacious." full article