6 Symbolic Flowers for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this weekend, and giving Mom flowers is a long tradition on this holiday. In feng shui, many of the adjustments we make are almost as much about intention as they are precise "rules." Of course, using the right cures are important, but the symbolism of making changes in your life and space is paramount. 

In the same way, certain flowers can infuse meaning into the act of giving bouquets or other arrangements for any holiday, especially one as symbolic as Mother's Day. Take a look at the six most meaningful flowers to give Mom for her special day. 


Although roses are typically considered to represent more romantic feelings of love, they can also be representative of motherly love, depending on the choice of colors. 

Roses were thought to be sacred to the Greek goddess, Isis, often seen as the ideal mother, and in some belief systems, they also symbolize the Virgin Mary. 

Opt for pink roses to symbolize grace, elegance, appreciation, happiness and charity. In varying shades, pink roses represent grace, gratitude and joyful youth, and on a feng shui level, pink is the color associated with the Relationship bagua area, which is also associated with mothers. 

If pink isn't your style, yellow roses also signify friendship and joy, devotion and a caring nature. Opt for white to symbolize virtue, purity, reverence and good will, or go with a multi-colored bouquet to represent a wealth of positive energy. 


Carnations are also an extremely popular flower for Mother's Day celebrations, and for good reason. Carnations were first made popular by the original founder of Mother's Day, Anna Jarvis, who distributed white carnations as her mother's favorite flower in honor of the holiday. They have long been known as representative of love, purity, faith, fascination, beauty and distinction. 

In the Christian faith, carnations were also believed to have first appeared from the ground where Mary cried over the death of Jesus, and for this reason they are symbolic of a mother's eternal love. 

Carnations are a traditional Mother's Day flower and are symbolic in white, as good luck, loyalty and charity; in pink, as gratitude and love; and in red as admiration, love and heartfelt affection. 


Tulips, too, are fantastic flowers to give to your mother this May. Typically associated with Spring and Easter, tulips represent new and eternal life, comfort, coziness and happiness, and their general message is one of love. 

Tulips range in color from white to orange, and the symbolism of each color is slightly different. To communicate feelings of caring, warmth and affection and loving concern, choose a shade of pink. To symbolize true, deep love and admiration, opt for red. White symbolizes purity and heaven itself, while cream tulips send a message of eternal love. At the brighter end of the spectrum, yellow tulips represent cheerful, fond thoughts and orange is a color symbolic of enthusiasm, excitement and energetic love. 

As with roses, you can stick to one meaningful color, or send your mom many messages with a multi-colored bouquet!


As a long-standing traditional symbol of beauty and purity, daisies make a powerful addition to any Mother's Day bouquet, or a beautiful selection in themselves. White daisies symbolize the innocence of a mother's love, the purity of her patience and never-ending compassion. 

For a more cheerful, playful message, choose gerbera daisies! 


Orchids are another excellent choice for Mother's Day. Orchids represent love, luxury, refinement, beauty and strength, qualities your mom most likely possesses! In Chinese culture, the orchid is also a symbol for "many children."

Orchids are also a powerful feng shui gift, as they are traditionally given as plants, which add the wood element, the energy of new life and natural beauty to your space. If Mom is single, orchids can also be placed strategically on her bedroom nightstand to attract an upright partner! 


Finally, lilies are a popular choice for Mother's Day gifts as well and are rich in meaning. White lilies signify purity and majesty, while cala lilies represent beauty. The day lily even symbolizes motherhood in Chinese culture. 

Of course, these are far from the only choices for Mother's Day gifts. Other flowers with great symbolism for this holiday include lilacs, irises, sunflowers, violets, azaleas, bluebells and camellias. Fresh flowers are a great feng shui addition to any home. They attract joy and transformation in addition to being pretty! If possible, consider also choosing a plant with these flowers as a Mother's Day gift. As I mentioned earlier, plants are very symbolic in feng shui, bringing in the wood element and representing new beginnings, kind-heartedness and fresh energy. 

I hope you're able to find the perfect gift for your mom this Mother's Day, and if you're looking to bring flowers into Mom's home, keep these meanings in mind! Happy Mother's Day!

by Anjie Cho