Attract a Teacher Using Feng Shui

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image credit: Versta/shutterstock via  Over the Moon

image credit: Versta/shutterstock via Over the Moon

Growing up in a somewhat traditional Korean household, I was always taught to respect my elders and teachers. In Eastern cultures, one bows to those with experience and age, as they are held with high regard. I still agree with this point of view, however, it was not until I met my spiritual mentors and teachers that I really felt akin to this Asian custom.

Plato says learning is remembrance. The teacher acts like a midwife, and by close communion with the student, passes a spark (of resonance) lighting a flame, resulting in the birth of the innate idea.
— Scott Olson

I am beyond fortunate to have a handful of wonderful teachers in my life, including my flowers teacher and four feng shui mentors, one of whom even officiated my wedding! They have become spiritual friends and guides who have taught me much more than just the “curriculum.” Each of them also has her own teachers and mentors who have passed on knowledge from the lineage. I believe that study and craft come first, then comes the knowledge. Just like one practices piano scales over and over, before he can start to truly play music.

My current favorite book is Zen in the Art of Flower Arrangement by Gustie L. Herrigel. When speaking about her teacher here, Herrigel shares that it is the sensei “who gradually imparts to the pupil his most secret and deepest knowledge of the ultimate things, and thus transfers to him his spirit... A teacher is not just an instructor. Everything that, by his conduct, serves to strengthen the pupil’s human dignity, uprightness, tact and responsibility is as important and meaningful as the learning he imparts.”

Interestingly, when working with my clients, I’ve found that many would like a teacher or mentor but have not yet found one. Even Sheryl Sandberg speaks to the importance of a mentor in her book Lean In. Since I nd teachers invaluable, helping my clients call on mentors is close to my heart. Luckily, there are some feng shui adjustments we can make to attract teachers in our lives, and I’d like to share one here! 

Activate Benefactors Area

There is an area of the feng shui bagua map that relates to benefactors and helpful people. This area is called qian in Chinese and also relates to heaven. You can think of heaven in the sense that you want help from above, from something beyond you, to support you. This concept also requires humility and understanding that there is more beyond you. To receive a teacher is to accept we are always students.

This benefactors area is related to the element of metal, so an effective way to attract a teacher is to place a metal wind chime or bell in this area of your bedroom. In a typical rectangular shaped room, locating the benefactors area is simple. Standing in your doorway, looking into the bedroom, the closest corner to your right is the benefactors area.

Be sure the chime or bell you add here is metal, as the sound can let teachers in the universe know that you’re here and ready for them! With a humble and open heart, ring your feng shui adjustment talisman nine times per day for nine days. Visualize your teacher(s), and they will present themselves to you.

The role of teachers and mentors in our lives is one that will never be obsolete. It is so important to our self-development and our impact in the world that we learn from those who were here before us and listen to their wisdom. If you are seeking a teacher, (whether you realized it before now or not!) try this feng shui adjustment to let the universe know you are ready for a mentor to guide your path. Then get ready to listen! 

by Anjie Cho