An Introduction to Using Color in Feng Shui - Part 3

An Introduction to Using Color in Feng Shui - Part 3.jpg

We've been talking all things color and feng shui lately, and we've made it to the final installment of our Introduction to Using Color in Feng Shui! This time we'll cover when and how to use the colors red, black, pink and peach to enhance your holistic space and let the universe know your needs and desires. 


Red is the most auspicious color in the world of feng shui, related to passion, fame and recognition, including the Recognition area of the bagua map. Shades of red can invoke passion in any sense from romantic to enthusiasm for work and more. 

Because it is such a strong color, adding shades of red to your spaces requires a bit more caution. In fact, the best way to add red to your home is to do so sparingly, adding pops of color in certain areas, like the Recognition area of your home, home office or desk. To add passion to your bedroom, opt for a new red blanket, artwork including red colors or some sexy underwear! 


Shades of black are related to wisdom and knowledge in feng shui, so if you're looking for those in your life, consider adding a few dark hues! 

Black is also the most yin color on the feng shui scale, representing contemplation, but as in any situation, it's important to maintain balance. Too much black can lead to an excessively dark space, which can be very depressing. If you're looking to add some black shades to your home, look to do so with accent pieces, or even an accent wall. This way you can bring color into your space without darkening the mood and energy.

You can also add black tourmaline, a protective crystal, to your space to absorb negative energy (including that from EMFs) and provide a positive atmosphere. 

Pinks and Peaches

If you're seeking romance, as so many of my feng shui clients are, pay special attention to these colors! Shades of pink and peach are nurturing, romantic and soft and are related to the Relationship area of the bagua map as well as to the concepts of youthfulness and joy. In the feng shui remedy, "peach blossom luck," shades of peach can assist in attracting a romantic partner.  

Unlike stronger colors, like red and black, pinks and peaches are perfect as wall colors, as they flatter most skin tones and create the same effect as "rose-colored glasses." If you're looking for romance, opt for peachy colors on your bedroom walls to let the universe know you're ready to be part of a loving couple. You can even wear peach to enhance this desire, but be sure to change your colors (or at least the intention behind them) once you meet someone special!

If you've read all three parts of our introduction to color, you've essentially got the basics of color and feng shui down. When adding color to your holistic space, be sure to pay close attention to the meanings of each shade as well as your intention behind using it. If you're looking to go deeper with the feng shui aspect of your space, pick up 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces or seek out a feng shui expert who understands your vision!

by Anjie Cho