6 Autumn Flowers You'll Fall For

We did it! We survived the summer heat, and autumn has arrived. What better way to welcome the season than with a collection of flowers made just for fall? Here at Holistic Spaces, we're big fans of bringing flowers inside, no matter what the season, and these flower choices can keep bright color going in your spaces long after summer's sun fades. 

image credit:  whatcomflowers

image credit: whatcomflowers


These blooms are actually perennial, so when spring and summer flowers begin to droop, they'll just be getting started. Aster flowers resemble both daises (thus the alternate name Michaelmas daisies) and stars (or starworts) and are available in a variety of colors from white to red to purple to blue and many colors in between. In the language of flowers, aster blooms symbolize patience, which we can all use during this stressful season!

 If you're aiming to grow these indoors, pay close attention to the type you purchase, as some can grow up to eight feet! Otherwise, just make sure to give your aster full sun, regular moisture and quick-draining soil. 


Actually a part of the Aster family, these little flowers have gotten a bad rap as allergens. As it turns out, ragweed is actually the hay fever culprit, which means these pretty yellow flowers are welcome in your holistic space, especially since they symbolize careful encouragement. In fact, if you're growing indoors, the Little Lemon goldenrod is a great choice! Be sure to give these beauties a decent amount of sun and plant in well-drained soil. Or just select a few stems for a pretty bouquet!


Helenium may just be the perfect flower to bring all the brilliant colors of autumn into your home, since it blooms in bright yellow, orange and deep red. It symbolizes tears in the language of flowers, but remember that life is about balance, so it's ok to have a few sad things in your space too. Just be careful when growing this beauty indoors, as the plant itself can be irritating to the skin. Take care for the first few days to wear protective gloves, then give this plant time and regular water and watch it bloom. 


These popular blooms are a token symbol of the arrival of fall and can add a welcome splash of color to cooler months. They're also the favorite flower of Chogyam Trungpa and symbolize truth and love in the language of flowers, as well as yang energy and good luck in Chinese culture. Chrysanthemums are amazing as bouquet flowers, as they can last for up to three weeks in a vase, but you can also grow them for a few weeks indoors with good, bright light during the day and frequent watering. Just take care not to place them near a security light at night, as this can throw off their cycle!


These perennials bloom during fall in vibrant colors with heart-shaped leaves and signify timid hope. Generally, cyclamen buds enjoy cooler temperatures, but if your apartment's heat is an issue, look for a tropical variety that can handle higher temps. Nourish this plant with a well-drained pot and regular watering, in a tray, only when the soil is dry to the touch, and enjoy their beauty through the fall and winter!


These stunning blooms are best in August and September and blossom in an incredible variety of colors, making them perfect for adding life to your indoor spaces. They also symbolize dignity in the language of flowers! Give these flowers plenty of sunlight and drainage, water them when dry and take care to water them at the base. If you're growing indoors, opt for a dwarf variety or just add a few cuttings to an autumn vase!

Fall flowers run the gauntlet, so these are just a few of your options for bringing some nature indoors during the cooler season. Let us know if you've got a favorite autumn flower we left out!

by Anjie Cho