The Psychology of Color: A Feng Shui Expert Explains

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image credit: Amy T. Won for  MindBodyGreen

image credit: Amy T. Won for MindBodyGreen

Color is one of the most effective ways to shift the energy in your life. From the color of your underwear to the color you paint your walls, colors not only affect your well-being, but they also have significant meaning. Yes, even the color of your underwear!

As a feng shui practitioner and an architect, I always get asked “What color should I paint my walls?” I respond with, “What color are you most attracted to?” So in approaching this survey of colors and the feng shui psychology behind them, keep that in mind. What colors do you love, and what might you need more of in your life?


Red is an easy one. Red is related to fire energy. This color can invoke passion and fiery flames of inspiration. It's pretty intense! It's quite a statement when a woman walks into a room wearing a red dress. Because reds are very stimulating, in a home I'd recommend red for accents like pillows and art.

You can also use red sheets underneath a more subdued duvet to bring more passion into the bedroom. Alternatively, wearing red underwear can spice things up! Red is also very auspicious (lucky!) and protective in feng shui. full article

by Anjie Cho