5 Simple Steps To Creating A Zen Bed For Your Best Ever Sleep

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image credit:  Stocksy via  MindBodyGreen

image credit: Stocksy via MindBodyGreen

When I think of a Zen bedroom, I imagine a beautiful and nurturing space that supports sleep and revitalization. One of the best ways to lose weight and improve your skin and energy levels is to get enough restful sleep!

In feng shui philosophy, the bedroom represents you and deeply affects your body and soul. At the very least we spend a handful of hours sleeping in this room. Most of that time, we're asleep, in a passive "yin" state, so what we have around us greatly shapes how restful and restorative sleep can be. Here are five simple ways to create a Zen sleeping space to maximize your beauty sleep!

What's under the bed?

As I previously noted, we spend all these hours sleeping in bed. So let's check to see what you have underneath you while you're sleeping. Some things I've seen: old tax records, love letters from ex-boyfriends, shoes, electronics, and the list goes on. Best is to have nothing under the bed, so the chi can flow smoothly. But if you must, the rule of thumb here is to have only soft sleep-related items such as pillows or blankets. Old tax records may have you stressed about money. Love letters from the one that got away may block you from new lovers. And shoes may keep your mind walking in circles.

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by Anjie Cho