7 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Apartment

featured this week on 6sqft by Hannah Frishberg

image credit:  6sqft

image credit: 6sqft

As intangible a concept as feng shui may seem, it all comes down to the basic idea of having a space you’re happy to come home to because its energy is positive. “Feng shui is an ancient philosophy about how you can improve your life and create a space that supports and nurtures you,” explained Anjie Cho, a New York-based architect, author, and founder of online mindfulness design blog and shop Holistic Spaces. Indeed, adjusting your apartment in just a few small and informed ways can make all the difference in the look and feel of your unit and, resultantly, your own wellbeing. Ahead are some ideas you can apply to your space, straight from a pro.

1. The importance of a headboard

While having your mattress on the floor may seem very zen, or in some apartments may be a spatial necessity, the pros advise against it. “A headboard is really important in feng shui,” Anjie says, “it connects the partners.” Not having a headboard can enhance the temporary feeling of a unit. If you simply don’t have space, a good alternative is wallpaper or crafting mural on the wall behind you, or mounting a mirror.

2. The 36 inch rule

No doubt about it: space is a luxury in New York. Still, if at all possible, Anjie says 36 inches of clear space between pieces of furniture should be a goal. For Anjie, there is a grace zone, but less than 18 inches between items constitutes “very cramped.” So get rid of clutter, and if it does not spark joy, try your hardest to toss it.

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