Good Vibrations: 6 Beginner Tips to Boost Your Home's Feng Shui

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image credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images via

image credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images via

Feng shui might seem like outdated superstition to nonbelievers, but here’s the reality: Most of it is really nothing more than good design sense. Long before we were blessed with HGTV, homeowners still had some ancient guidelines for making their home attractive, functional, and joyful. And we can all get behind that, right?

Here are some proven ways to play up your home’s feng shui—and show off your design savvy at the same time.

Tip No. 1: Choose a commanding position

Every room has a “commanding position”—and in feng shui, finding it is the key to happiness and good health. Look for the spot farthest from the door and facing the entrance (usually diagonal). That’s the best location for your bed, desk, or even TV.

“The commanding position aims to put each of us in control of our lives by ensuring that we see what’s coming at us, both literally and metaphorically, whenever possible,” says Anjie Cho, an architect and feng shui expert in New York City. full article