Q&A Sunday: Extra Mirrors in the Bathroom

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I have been listening to your podcast and throughly enjoy it!! You have done some great episodes on the bedroom and office, so wondering if you will touch on the bathroom? If so, I look forward to that! However I have one specific, and very current question as we make a decision with our bathroom remodel. 

We currently have a tub/shower, and would like to convert it to a walk-in-shower. My struggle is that the current tub/shower has the sliding doors, and one of them is glass and one is a mirror...which I love! If we convert to the shower only, we will have to do a new sliding glass door, and I have found that it's very standard for those to be available in glass only.  I'm considering doing a custom door, in order to again have a mirror. However, I'm curious about how feng shui applies to having that additional large mirror in the bathroom. 

Carly M., Oshkosh, WI

Hi Carly

I’m so happy to hear you like the podcast! And also thanks for writing in with your question. 

First, I will definitely do a bathroom episode, just for you! Keep your eyes open for it. In the meantime, we have some blog posts on bathroom feng shui here, here and here. Hopefully that will help!

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Second, your question regarding a new sliding glass door for your shower - you wanted to know if there are any feng shui concerns regarding having an additional large mirror in the bathroom. Or if there’s a feng shui reason to opt for clear glass over mirror for a shower glass enclosure. 

This is actually more a mundane or practical issue and not a feng shui concern. Mirrors are used in many feng shui adjustments, because they can reflect, expand and have many other auspicious uses. In this case, with your floor plan, I don’t see any reason why a mirrored shower enclosure would have any negative impact. And it might instead be positive, because you love having a mirror there so much. So, I will encourage you to go for the custom option.

One occasion where there may be an issue with the mirrored shower door would be if perhaps the bathroom mirror were in line with the bed and the bathroom door was kept open. Your bathroom location is not like this. But in that case there is another reader who has this situation, please read our other post where we discuss how mirrors facing the bed directly may be at your disadvantage. 

In most situations, having a full-length mirror in your bathroom is actually a positive move, especially if it brings in additional light or includes plant-life nearby to encourage better qi flow from water to earth to wood. I think it's especially positive in your case, since you seem to love the mirror so much! Hopefully this helps and our bathroom posts will tide you over until the podcast feature!

by Anjie Cho

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