Q&A Sunday: Does the Feng Shui Bagua Map Include the Garage?

Does the Feng Shui Bagua Map Include the Garage?.jpg

When laying out the bagua, do I include the garage?

Brandi E.N., Rosamond, CA

Hi Brandi,

Does the Feng Shui Bagua Map Include the Garage - Floorplan.jpg

This is a great question, and thank you for being curious about it and sharing your floor plan. You have an attached garage in the front of your home. The answer is…. yes! You do include the garage in the layout of the bagua map. 

I am guessing maybe you would feel bummed out that now you have a huge missing area. But, you lay the bagua at the front based on the “kan line” and that aligns with your front door. You can see it in the image here where I’ve drawn in red the bagua as well as the kan line. Since the kan line aligns with the front door, your garage doesn’t create a missing area. Instead it creates an extension of the Path in Life and Benefactors areas.

The extensions are a bit out of proportion to the rest of your home. Your garage is twice the size of your bedroom, and the extension is about half the size of your bagua. Also this creates a “boot” or “cleaver” shaped home. The very large extension in the Benefactors area may mean that there are a lot of people who offer support but it’s overwhelming or out of balance. The cleaver and boot shape may suggest sharpness or pressure in certain areas of your life according to the bagua areas that occur at the blade of the cleaver or toe of the boot. 

Take a look at the Path in Life and Benefactors areas in your life. Is there an overabundance of helpful people? How is your career? Thanks again for writing in, and please let us know if you have follow up questions! 

by Anjie Cho

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