Q&A Sunday: Blue Sodalite Healing Crystals

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I received a piece of blue sodalite last Christmas as a gift. What is the best way to use it as a healing crystal?

Sharon R., Danbury, CT

Hi Sharon, 

What a great question! As you may know, each natural stone has its own vibrations and special purpose, and blue sodalite is no different. 

Sodalite is associated with the throat and third-eye chakras and is especially helpful in finding your voice and intuition. If you are struggling to find your own way or truth, wearing or carrying blue sodalite can help you to better understand the truth of your life and sculpt your intuition. Intuition is a powerful and helpful force that each of us possesses, but sometimes it can be difficult to tap into to it with everything else going on in our minds. Imagine if you could always hear and follow your intuition! Blue sodalite can help!

Sodalite can also help you tap into creativity, which is something we hear about often lately. If your job requires creativity or if you are an artist or are just looking to be more creative in your everyday life, this stone can help.

Since sodalite is connected with the throat chakra, it can also be very helpful in supporting you as you speak your truth. You can carry with you or place it on your desk in the Knowledge area for extra support with your voice or speaking truth in your work. You can also place it in the bedroom Knowledge gua for the same in marriage or in life in general. 

Sodalite is a lovely gift and is very personalized! Perhaps you need to spend some time this year looking at and listening to your intuition! Whether you wear the stone, carry it or place it in an auspicious place, be sure to do so with intention, and it should bring you clarity and vision!

by Anjie Cho

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