Q&A Sunday: The Commanding Position and Living Alone

I am living alone, and my desk is not in a commanding position. Actually, I have a my back facing the door. Nobody will ever come through that door unless I open it. Does it still need a mirror remedy, or is it irrelevant in this particular situation? 

Ula, Letchworth Garden City, UK

Hi Ula

Thank you so much for listening to my podcast and for your very thoughtful question. I totally get where you’re coming from. If you live alone, your rational mind knows that you’re the only one that will ever come through that door unless you let them in. However, when we are talking feng shui and the commanding position, it’s not really based on your rational mind, but rather energy. In addition, the commanding position taps into your unconscious mind. 

From the physical and scientific perspective, there are areas of the brain that are more primitive than others. These areas are connected with the fight or flight response, or “acute stress response." The feeling of danger and fear is a physiological response that you experience on a subtle level when you cannot see the door or what may be coming towards you. This stress is activated most strongly when the back of your neck is exposed and facing the door, and it applies to any situation with the door behind you, regardless of whether others are around. The increase in this stress level can lead to mood and health issues over time.

Although not everyone is consciously aware of it, it does affect you. I like to compare the effects to a stone with water dripping on it lightly for years; the stress levels begin to wear down at you, and eventually, you will experience symptoms. 

Therefore, even if you live alone, and even though you know that no one will ever come through that door unless you open it for them, if you want to improve the feng shui of your desk, yes you still need to be in commanding position. This means ideally you move your desk. If it's impossible to place your desk in command, you can adjust with a mirror so you can see the door. Plus if you are in line with the door, you also need a feng shui crystal, which you can find at the Holistic Spaces store here. This will help disperse the energy coming through your door so that it doesn't all hit you at once, and you can find tips on how to hang a crystal here.

Be sure to also check out our other posts on the commanding position for more information on why this is an important feng shui adjustment. If you are able to relocate your desk to accommodate this position, I would love to hear if you notice any immediate difference in your stress level or if you find yourself more productive at your desk!

by Anjie Cho

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