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I recently met the incredible, Rebecca Casciano, creator of the Sacred Beauty Salon Series. Rebecca's series aims to not only provide women with practical makeup tips, but also to hone in on the relationship between self-love, acceptance and appearance. Beauty does start from the inside, after all! This week, we sat down with Rebecca and sussed out exactly what's behind her idea of sacred beauty and how it relates to our philosophies at Holistic Spaces. Ready for a quick lesson on finding your inner beauty?

AC: What does it mean to have "sacred beauty"?

RC: It means that we acknowledge, honor and celebrate the connection between our inner and outer selves: the mental, spiritual and physical. I believe this is a sacred relationship, one that connects us with our higher power and the deep knowing that beauty comes from the inside out. Sacred Beauty is confidence, connection and sisterhood. 

How does non-toxic makeup relate to the idea of beauty and radiance?

For many years, the beauty industry has relied on toxic products and ideas to sell the standard of beauty. Consuming these products and ideas has negative effects on women's physical and mental health. Choosing more natural, non-toxic makeup is an act of self-care, as it is so much healthier for our skin, bodies and the environment. When we honor our overall wellness, we create a more effective, sustainable approach to beauty. 

Can you offer 3 tips to start the switch to "sacred beauty"?

First, set the stage for Sacred Beauty by preparing the space you use to apply your skincare and/or makeup. Clean off countertops and go through your products, letting go of anything that is old, broken or you don't use. Add a favorite photo of yourself, a candle, crystals and any items that represent beauty to you. Make it a space that feels welcoming, clear and inspiring

Next, create a new intention to bring mindfulness to your beauty routine. Rather than rushing through the task or criticizing your reflection in the mirror, take the time to savor the moment to yourself. Notice the scents of your products, give yourself a face or neck message-- think about this quote that is thought to come from Buddha: 

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection

It's so true!

Last, I like to recommend clients to use their time in the mirror to say beauty affirmations. These are positive statements that reinforce how you want to feel about yourself. Beauty affirmations can be unique to you, you can take a few moments to create your own! Begin by tuning into some of the negative thoughts that come up when you look in the mirror. Then, write out the opposite of that thought, starting with the word I AM. For example, if I say to myself "I am disgusted with my skin. This acne is horrible," then I will replace that with "My skin is radiant and healthy." Even though it may feel untrue, the more you say it, the more your mind will begin to believe it!

What do you find is the most surprising thing your clients learn when working with you?

I would say they learn that they can love themselves/their looks more and that they CAN wear red lipstick

How do you create your own holistic spaces?

I love vibrant colors, bright light, candles, crystals, art, nature and handmade objects. I tend to create little altars with beautiful items I've collected over the years. I love to burn incense, sage and palo santo to bless the space, clear energy, help me to feel more peaceful and grounded. I definitely feel best when my environment is tidy, organized and clean. I think feng shui is an amazing sacred art, and I would love to incorporate it more in my home.

We can absolutely help with that! Keep checking back for more tips on incorporating feng shui into your holistic life style. Thanks so much to Rebecca for stopping in and sharing her thoughts on sacred beauty. I think her series is an amazing way to tap into our inner beauty and make getting ready a thing of joy. We'd love to hear your thoughts on sacred beauty and if you're preparing to make the switch!

by Anjie Cho

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Rebecca Casciano is a Makeup Artist, Natural Beauty Expert and Sacred Beauty Coach whose mission is to help women discover the connection between their inner health and outer beauty. She strives to bring this intention to each person who sits in her chair, attends one of her events or reads an article she's written. She loves what she does and from what her clients tell her, it shows! For more on Rebecca's story, her services and her Sacred Beauty Salon Series, check out

Browse the site and learn all about her makeup artistry, makeup workshops, one-on-one coaching, live events and more. Or contact her with any questions or to set up an appointment. Rebecca's new 3-month membership program, Sacred Beauty Collective, also begins on March 9th in NYC. For more info visit