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I am an interior designer. I would like to study feng shui to go deeply in that field so that would help me in my career. But I need to know: where can I study and get the perfect knowledge of that? Is the masters degree in feng shui? And how can I know that the certificate that I'll take is recognized worldwide? 

Marwa K., Lebanon

Hi Marwa

Thank you for your email - and what a wonderful question to share with the readers. I’m also so happy that as a designer, you’re interested in deepening into your profession with the study of feng shui. As an architect, I found myself in the same place many years ago. I was working on architectural interiors, and found that something was missing in my life. I started to learn meditation and yoga and started on my spiritual path...which very quickly led me to look at how I incorporate spirituality in all aspects of my life, including work. Chogyam Trungpa didn’t see a separation between the secular and the spiritual, between the scientific and the mystical. And by incorporating feng shui, I also began to see this line become fainter and start to disappear.

There is no “perfect” knowledge of feng shui, but you can begin by looking for teachers that are near you. I studied at the BTB Masters program in NYC. It’s really of the utmost importance to work with a living teacher who holds and passes down their feng shui lineage. First, we can keep that lineage alive. Second, the teachings are transmitted in this way. It’s not something you can read in a book without the assistance of a mentor. I found that the BTB Masters program was just what I needed. The teachers truly become mentors in your life. For instance, Rosalie Prinzvalli officiated my wedding! Steven Post so kindly read and edited my book as well as wrote the forward. Barry Gordon has been a tremendous support in my life. You can listen to podcasts where I’ve interviewed two of the teachers. At the BTB Masters program, it’s a 3-year commitment, and you receive a certification as a feng shui practitioner. I’ve also recently taught a class at the last BTB Masters session.

There are also other schools and resources. First maybe look at what feng shui school resonates with you. There’s BTB Feng shui and there are more classical schools. I also first look at what teachers inspire and motivate you. You can look at the International Feng Shui Guild for more resources there. There is no official certificate that’s recognized worldwide, nor is there an official degree in feng shui that I’m aware of. But again, I’d look at what is out there and what speaks to you. Personally, the BTB Masters program fell into my lap, and it really clicked with me, so I went with it. I had no need to shop around. And I can say with great conviction that I wouldn’t be where I am now had I not gone through that transformative program :)

by Anjie Cho

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