Q&A Sunday: What If Door Mats Are Not Allowed?

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You recommend a black welcome mat to encourage cash flow, but what if you live in an apartment building where you can't have door mats or hang anything on your front door?

Tracey T., Chicago, IL

Hi Tracey,

Thanks for your thoughtful question. It’s a good one. 

Even though your apartment building does not allow door mats or any sort of personal items on the outside of your front door, there is still feng shui hope!

As far as the door mat is concerned, you can place the mat on the inside of your apartment. The same guidelines apply as if it were outside the door. It’s preferable that the door mat is close in dimension to the width of the door (not too big, not too small). A black mat can welcome wealth and cash flow, as black is the color related to water. You an also energetically draw an invisible welcome mat in the front with the visualization that it’s there attracting abundance into your home.

Be sure to check out the other blog posts that discuss how to work with your entry area. Generally you want to keep the door and entry area clean, clutter free, and bright! 

A black mat is not the only way to welcome wealth and abundance to your space. There are many routes in BTB feng shui for attracting wealth, including activating the Knowledge area, practicing one good deed a day and mirroring the burners on your stove. Take a look at some of our previous posts, and hopefully you will find an adjustment that works for your building and space!

by Anjie Cho

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