Q&A Sunday: Quartz in the Refrigerator

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Quartz in the refrigerator is new to me. What is the benefit? Which one is the best: clear/rose/smokey/ritualised?


Hi Rowena!

Thanks for your thoughtful question. We suggest clear quartz for locating in your refrigerator. The refrigerator holds food that nourishes you, and clear quartz can be used to amplify this nourishing energy. 

Be sure to clear the clear quartz and empower it with your intention that the food in the refrigerator is nourishing and creates vitality for you physically, mentally and spiritually. You can also use the feng shui bagua map on your refrigerator, and place the crystal in the center area which is related to overall health.

There are different ways to work with crystals, but I’d like to share a simple procedure to acquire, cleanse and activate the crystal. 

  • Acquire a new crystal that finds you. To me this means one that speaks to you. Go with first thought is best thought, and don’t over think it. It may be the one that you literally see first.
  • Cleanse the crystal. Again there are dozens of methods, but one simple one is to use sage, incense, palo santo or another smudging method to clear any energy.
  • Dedicate and activate the crystal with your intention. In this case we are creating the intention that the clear quartz will amplify and enhance the nourishment of the food in your refrigerator, to support your body and spirit. Be sure you’re in a positive and open healing place when this is done. You can do this while bathing the crystal in pure bright sunlight.

You can read more about working with crystals in "Love is in the Earth", one of the most comprehensive crystal reference books available.

Remember that the intention behind this adjustment is as important as the adjustment itself. Take the time to find a crystal that resonates with you, and imbue it with positive, supportive energy before placing it into your refrigerator. We would love to see which crystal you choose!

by Anjie Cho

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