Power Houseplants: The Golden Pothos

Power Houseplants - The Golden Pothos.jpg

Adding plants to your space is one of the easiest, most common feng shui adjustments. Plants of all types can be added for many reasons, whether it be to bring more Wood element into a home, provide a healing atmosphere, welcome prosperity, improve air quality or more. There are thousands of types of houseplants and indoor trees, but some are more symbolic than others, and some are more effective at accomplishing certain goals.

The Golden Pothos is one of the most popular of all houseplants and is easily a great choice. I recently mentioned Dr. B.C. Wolverton's book, How to Grow Fresh Airand the Golden Pothos is one of the top 50% in his list of houseplants for purifying air. Not only does it remove a large amount of chemicals and vapors due to its high transpiration rate, it is also very resistant to insects and is arguably the easiest plant to grow and maintain. 

This plant is actually a vine, with heart-shaped leaves that range in color from golden (thus the name) to lush green and maintain color even when low on sunlight. Though the Golden Pothos is a vine and can be trained to climb, it is often grown in hanging pots (like this one) and can actually be cultivated in almost any potting medium. It's a great plant for cuttings, as these take root easily in water, and overall, it's an ideal houseplant for beginners or those with forgetful watering tendencies. I have a Golden Pothos I was given when I moved to the city over a decade ago! It's survived through basement apartments, cold winters and much more. 

To Grow Successfully:

- Maintain temperatures between 65 - 75 degrees, and do not let it get cooler than 50 degrees.
- Let the soil dry slightly between watering.
- If possible, feed your plant weekly during its growing season.
- Clean the leaves occasionally with a damp cloth. 

Keep an eye on the blog, as I'll be sharing some of the best options for houseplants, one by one!

by Anjie Cho