Q&A Sunday: Blocked Doors

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I just looked at a rental house, and the back screen door could only open about 40 - 45 degrees out, as the landlord had built an awning to create a porch and wanted to keep it lower to prevent wasps making nests. I know that is a feng shui problem; I am not sure what it would signify. My guess is it would limit my motion, my career prospects and more? Especially if it is used as the most common entry. What do you think? 

Harley P., Queens, NY

Hi Harley, 

Thanks for sending in your question! I applaud you on your intuition in realizing that this might be a problem. It's ideal for a door to open at least 90 degrees. 45 degrees is only half of that - not very much at all, really - and it does signify a feng shui issue.

Doors are a portal for your energy to come into your home and space. Typically we do want energy coming into our lives, with some exceptions, such as a retired couple or private vacation home, where it might not be as important for energy to enter. In general though, any door, whether it be the outside door, bedroom door, closet door, etc., should open at least 90 degrees. It is a feng shui issue when energy can't come in, and it also affects your path every day in life when you have to squeeze through a door. 

In this case, we're talking about a back screen door, and whether that limited motion will limit your career prospects and more. It really depends on the person, the situation and where the door is located on the feng shui bagua map. Since this is a rear door, let's assume it's in the back of the bagua map. Generally this would signify a limitation in opportunities, energy and positive qi coming to you. This could refer to relationships, wealth, job prospects and more. This would be a much bigger deal if it were the front door, but it does limit your physical, spiritual and energetic movement. 

You might want to take a look at this similar Q&A to get a little better grasp on what a blocked entrance or door can mean, feng shui-wise. Again, I applaud you for realizing this might be a feng shui issue before even choosing the space!

by Anjie Cho

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