Down the Drain: 7 Feng Shui Mistakes You're Making in the Bathroom

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image credit: SasinParaksa/iStock via

image credit: SasinParaksa/iStock via

We've waxed on about the benefits of feng shui in the communal spaces of your home, like the living room and the kitchen. After all, that's where you spend the bulk of your time, so naturally you want things to be harmonious.

But there’s an oft-overlooked room where, if you're not careful, good energy (chi) can drain out of your home.

”The bathroom is one of the key energy centers in the home, so focusing on this space is important for good feng shui," says Ping Deters,  a certified feng shui consultant.

”In the Western world, bathrooms are now luxurious and a place of relaxation, and keeping this area restful and in balance can affect one's health and well-being," adds Anjie Cho, an architect, feng shui educator, and author of "Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and Peaceful Home."

But from the color of your walls to your tiny trash can, you could be unwittingly throwing off your balance in this space. Here are seven major ways you're screwing up your bathroom feng shui. full article

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