Q&A Sunday: Pineapple Plants in Feng Shui

I have a pineapple plant at my kitchen entrance. It's growing amazingly, and I really like this plant, but it has sharp edges. Is this the right place to have this plant? I suppose it can be, because she is growing. But I am a bit concerned about it being located at my kitchen entrance, which is in the back of the house. Is the pineapple also related to good fortune in feng shui? If so, can the plant be too? 

Olanda C.

Hi Olanda,

Thank you so much for submitting your question. I feel this question is really about how to work with things that you love and feng shui, and it comes up often.

First, not everything needs to be a feng shui adjustment. If you love it, and it’s in your home for some reason, maybe you just love it! If it brings you joy, like Marie Kondo says, then good for you! You specifically asked about a pineapple plant in your kitchen, which you love and which is flourishing. But you’re wondering if it’s the right place for the plant. This really depends on what you need in your life, what you’re trying to manifest and whether you intend for this to be a feng shui adjustment. If you like it where it is, and it’s doing great, that’s wonderful! If you’d like to use it as a feng shui adjustment, you’d need to work with a consultant, who can help you with what you want to work on and achieve in your life and give you more specific information about where to place this plant in your home.

You’re also asking if pineapple is related to good fortunate in feng shui. I haven’t been taught any information about pineapples; however, I looked this up and did find an article from The Spruce noting that the sound of the Chinese word for “pineapple” is similar to the sound of the word for “good luck coming your way.” So through this lens, pineapple would be a good luck symbol. I also know that pineapples are a tropical fruit and at one time were difficult to come by in Asia, so anyone who had them would mostly likely be wealthy with a lot of good luck.

Ultimately, I think you’re ok to keep this pineapple plant in your kitchen because you love it, it’s doing well and it doesn’t have to be a feng shui adjustment!

by Anjie Cho

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