10 Habits of People Who Never Have Clutter at Home

image credit: Sergey Melnikov / Stocksy via  MindBodyGreen

image credit: Sergey Melnikov / Stocksy via MindBodyGreen

Decluttering your home is only half the battle! Keeping it looking clean and pristine in the long run takes some serious will power. Here, some of the cleanest people we know share the hacks and habits they use to keep their spaces eternally tidy.

1. Be nice to your produce.

"Take the stickers off of every piece of fruit and produce you buy. Welcome them in. You'd be surprised how different it feels when you treat everything else in your home with the same amount of attention and care."

Lisa Viscardi, professional organizer

2. Make a weekly date with donations.

"I hold myself accountable for gathering nine items a week that I can donate and drop them off on my way to an appointment. (Nine is an auspicious number in feng shui!) I have a weekly meditation class that has a donation drop-off, Housing Works, right across the street. I put the donation date on my calendar as well as my weekly to-do list and leave the bag by the front door so I don't forget it on my way to meditation."

Anjie Cho, architect and feng shui expert

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