Q&A Sunday: Cures for Slanted, Beamed Ceilings

Could you please suggest a simple cure for an office desk placed in the prosperity area, under a very slanted beamed ceiling?

Giuliana G., Lille, France

Dear Giuliana, thanks so much for your question. A desk in the prosperity area is a pretty good place to start. The prosperity area is related to abundance and wealth. I actually have my working desk in the prosperity area also. However, the slanted ceiling with a beam is challenging.

In feng shui philosophy, slanted ceilings may cause unwanted accidents and trouble. Beams may create increased pressure above your body and compress the qi. Both are undesirable results right? 

There are a few ways to adjust the situation. The beam may be painted to match the ceiling so it visually disappears. Another option is to hang red string along the beam. Or you can drape a beautiful fabric to cover the beam, while also leveling out the sloped ceiling. The slope can be remedied with living plants or lights that can lift the qi of the space. 

My intuition tells me that the fabric and plants may be the best option for you. In addition, you can strengthen the prosperity area of your desk by placing a plant or citrine in the prosperity area of your desk.

Thank you again for your very thoughtful questions!

by Anjie Cho

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