Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Bedrooms

I would love to hear your opinion on one feature of my room (in a three bedroom apartment). The entrance of my room does happen to be almost directly across the entrance to the apartment. My bed is a few feet (~2ft.) from the entrance to my room, and I can see the door when I lie in bed. The headboard touches the back of a beat up leather couch that faces the two windows in my room (one north, one east). I feel uncomfortable and have trouble sleeping with this positioning but am not sure how to change it. Is there any way for me to move them in a way that might be better for the energy of my room? I’ve also tried the bed rotated clock-wise so the headboard is against the wall on the right side. Thanks! 

Valerie W., New York, NY

Hi Valerie

Thanks for your email. The sketch helps tremendously. A picture says a thousand words!

Q&A Sunday- Feng Shui for Bedrooms_Sketch.jpg

There are a few feng shui issues that stand out with the floor plan of the room. 

My first suggestion is to swap the sofa area and the bed area. By having the bed closer to the door, and the social “living” area with the sofa in a commanding position because it’s further back, this implies that your private life is not as private as you need it. Or perhaps your public life commands what happens to you internally. It’s preferable to have your bedroom further from the door if you can do that. If you can't, try this option. 

Second thing, the headboard is floating in the middle of the room. In feng shui vocabulary, this means you have no support in your life, and you’re just floating along without security. It’s no wonder that you feel uncomfortable! Locate the bed in the commanding position, with the headboard against a wall and facing the door if possible. See my articles on the commanding position. It’s OK to put the headboard against a window if you’re not on the ground floor. Also if possible, it’s best to have space open on each side of the bed. Read this article.

A couple of other things to consider: try not to place the headboard on a wall with a toilet on the other side. I see that the washroom is next door on the left. Also, if possible please relocate your desk(s) in the commanding position? Do you really need two desks? The room seems small for two desks.

I hope this helps! Send us some photos!

by Anjie Cho

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