Attract Love with Feng Shui

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Feng shui is an ancient Asian art of placement that gives us guidelines for arranging our outer environments to reflect what we want to manifest in our lives. Many people are particularly interested in how they can use feng shui to attract some love. Here are three feng shui tips that you can carry out in your bedroom to let the universe know you are ready to meet that special someone. In fact, you can also use these tips to create more stability and harmony in any current relationship.

The Bed

If attracting a romantic partner is what you’re looking for, the first place to make feng shui adjustments is in the bedroom. In feng shui philosophy, the bedroom and bed represent you and also your future partner. First, be sure that you have at least a full size bed. A single bed tells the universe that there is no room for anyone else for you to share your life with.

Second is the bed location. You want the head or headboard of the bed pushed up securely up to the wall. Then, if possible make sure that there is room on both the left and right sides of the bed. In other words, it is ideal to set up the bed so that there is clear and balanced open space on both sides. If one person is more crammed in, it may represent an unbalanced dynamic in the relationship. One partner may feel more locked in or controlled. If the left or right side of your bed is pushed against a wall, this send the universe the message that the balance of energy between you and your future partner is not equal.

A Pair of Nightstands

Now that you have your bed situated so that there is equal space on left and right sides, make sure to have a nightstand on each side of the bed. The nightstands do not necessarily have to match or be exactly the same, but it is best if they are similar in size. It is even better if you can have similarly paired lamps for each nightstand. Pairs symbolize you and your future partner. When there is only one nightstand, you are expressing to the universe that you don’t really want to have a partner that you treat as an equal.

A Pair of Rose Quartz Stones

My final suggestion to further reinforce your desire to attract a partner is to activate the Relationship corner of your bedroom with a pair of rose quartz stones. If you stand in the doorway of your bedroom, facing into the room, the far back right corner is the Relationship area.

For this adjustment, place a pair of rose quartz stones in this area with the intention that one represents you and the other your future partner. Rose quartz heals the heart chakra, which encourages emotional healing. The pair of rose quartz pieces promotes trust and harmony with your future relationship.

I encourage each of you to implement these three simple feng shui tips to attract the love that you deserve in your life.

by Anjie Cho

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