Children’s Room Design and Organization Tips


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As a parent, one of your most important jobs is to make a positive environment in your home for your child. It goes without saying that kids should feel safe and loved – especially at home. One of the ways that you can ensure that they feel this way is by integrating a few simple feng shui organizational and design aspects into their bedrooms.

In feng shui design, it’s important to create to interior spaces that enhance the flow of energy and generate harmony in our lives.  On average, we spend one third of our time sleeping in bed, so the bedroom is a great place to start making improvements. And since we recharge our minds and bodies during sleep, incorporating feng shui principles here will help create a more relaxing and stress free environment for your child to work, play, and rest.

Location of the Bedroom

The first thing to look at is where the child’s bedroom is located in relationship to the entry door of the entire home.  It is best to locate bedrooms for all family members towards the back half of the residence.  This places the inhabitants in a commanding position of the space.  If possible, the parent’s room should be the furthest to the rear because this places them in the most control of the space. That said, the child’s bedroom should not be too close to the front half of the residence and very close to the front door because this could cause the child to feel easily divided from the parents and spend less time at home .

Bed Placement

The second element to look at is the placement of the bed in relationship to the door of the room.  It is best to locate your child’s bed in what we call in feng shui, the “command position”.  In feng shui, the concept of the command position locates your bed so that it has the most expansive view of the entry door.  The bed should face the door, while not directly in line of the door.  This typically means that you would be in command when placing your bed diagonally from the door, on the opposite side of the room and facing the door with the wall behind your headboard.  This position allows your child to feel stress-free and relaxed while they are sleeping.  If this position is not possible, you can correct by locating a mirror so that your child can see the door when lying in bed.

Bed Type

The best type of bed for a child is one with a sturdy headboard, representing stability in their life.  The head should be attached securely to the rest of the bed.  Beds should allow air to flow around it, so under bed storage is discouraged.  If you must have storage, make sure the items are soft and sleep related, such as extra pillows and blankets.  Bunk beds are popular, but in feng shui they are not the best choice as they generate physical and energetic pressure on the both persons sleeping above and below.  

The energy and harmony in the bedroom can greatly impact the life of your child.  By including these simple feng shui principles, you can improve the energy flow and harmony for your family.

by Anjie Cho