Q&A Sunday: Bed Linens for Peach Blossom Luck

Hi Anjie. I read the part in your book about using the color peach to attract a romantic partner. I’m moving into a new place in just a few days, and I’ve been on the lookout for peach colored sheets. The closest I can find is coral. Will that work, or do I need to keep hunting for peach and buy some cheaper ones in the meantime? Finally, will peach enhance self love, or just bring romantic love?

Shanna G., Austin, TX

Hi Shanna, thanks for reading my book! The idea with the peach is related to “peach blossom luck” in feng shui. Peach is an auspicious color for attracting a romantic partnership. If you want to use this color for this reason, you can paint your walls peach, wear peach, or even purchase peach-colored linens as you’ve asked about. (Or you can even do all three!)

Coral is more of a bright, sunny orange color. With peach blossom luck, we’re looking for a more flesh-like color, with more white in it. A good guide would be Benjamin Moore 2014-60 Whispering Peach, shown here.

I advise you to find the right color sheets and do not buy the coral ones. They will not be a suitable substitute. However, if you have trouble finding the right color sheets, you can try other things that I’ve suggested above: painting the walls, wearing peach, or even just adding peach accents to your bed, like the pillow in the photo above.

I’d also like to answer your very thoughtful question about self-love and the color peach. Since peach is somewhere in between a very soft pink and orange, color-wise, pink is related to the relationship area while orange is related to the health area of the feng shui bagua map. The relationship area does cultivate self-love. Both the relationship and health areas also connect to the element of earth which is about self-care and boundaries. So, I would say yes. Just by taking the time to activate a feng shui adjustment to support your desire to have a partner is a kindness to yourself, and you need self-love to attract the right partner.

Last thing to remember, once you find your relationship you can let the peach go. My teachers have noted if you keep using the peach you may attract other partners! And you only need one, right? :)

by Anjie Cho

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The Perks of Organic Bed Linens


I've noted a few times on the blog, we spend a lot of time in our beds. This is why it's so important that they're comfortable, holistic and have ample room for positive qi to move freely about. Aside from the command position and minimal storage beneath our beds, another important consideration is what we put on top of our beds. 

If you're aiming to live a green, holistic lifestyle, chances are you've already made the change to organic in many places, from deodorant to detergent to conditioner, fruits and vegetables, and even paint. While you're at it, look into going organic with your bed linens as well!

The most obvious perk to making this switch is that going organic with sheets, etc. eliminates a number of chemicals added to ordinary bed linens for a variety of reasons. Whether to maintain the bright color of your bedding, keep your sheets wrinkle-free, provide a cooling sensation, or any number of other "benefits," chemicals added to your sheets and other linens are just as dangerous as other household chemicals. In fact, due to the amount of time you spend in your bed, they may even be more dangerous! 

Along the same lines, switching to organic linens will significantly decrease the likelihood of allergic reactions to your bedding. Many sheets and comforters contain dyes and other chemicals that may contain allergens. Who wants to sleep in a bed they're literally allergic to? Organic bedding is much less likely to cause skin reactions or aggravate other allergies. 

Organic sheets, like bamboo, tencel and organic cotton, are also much more durable and easy to wash. Each of these materials provides a smooth, almost silky feeling, and because they are plant-based and used to standing the test of time and environmental factors, they tend to be much more sturdy, allowing them to be washed over and over without special instructions. 

Finally, like most organic products, bedding produced without extra chemicals helps to push toward a more sustainable, naturally farmed planet. With so many factors contributing to the destruction of our natural resources and Earth overall, it's important that we do what we can to help in any way, and switching to organic bedding is one easy, beneficial way to help rebuild our environment. 

by Anjie Cho