Connect to Mother Earth with Feng Shui

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image credit: Gromovataya/Shutterstock via  Over the Moon

image credit: Gromovataya/Shutterstock via Over the Moon

In feng shui and other eastern philosophies, the yin side of the earth element is connected to maternal, feminine and receptive energies.

On the feng shui bagua map, the Relationship area is connected to this maternal element which also relates to your primary partnership, the south-west direction, the abdomen, spleen, internal organs and is symbolized by square shapes, the color pink, and soft, loose sand or soil.

To locate this area in your bedroom, stand in the doorway while looking into the room. The relationship/mother area is the furthest corner back on the right side of the room.

Below are some feng shui adjustments to strengthen mother earth energy to support and nourish you. These adjustments can be done in your bedroom for the best results.

Add the element of fire to your space with red accents. Fire produces and creates earth. The flames of a fire create ashes which turn into earth. Just a little bit of red goes a long way!

Rose quartz is a healing and nurturing natural crystal that also supports self-love. This is a wonderful crystal that you can place in the Relationship area of your bedroom to support you.

Heavy objects such as statues also characterize the earth element. If you have a deity statue that you love, or even a heavy stone, this is great in any area of your bedroom to provide stability and contribute to the earth element.

Cultivate more nature in your bedroom or home with indoor plants. Plants relate to the element of wood, which can balance earth. The strong roots of a tree can overcome any stubborn hard earth. Plants also encourage kindness and the color are healing. 

Finally, to strengthen your mother earth energy, be open and receptive to embrace what comes to you through your environment, both positive and negative. Sometimes inaction and observation is the best reaction.

Take some time this month and honor the mother earth in you with some feng shui! 

 by Anjie Cho