Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Difficult Neighbors

So excited your podcast is back. I'm really enjoying trying to incorporate feng shui into my home. I am wondering if you might be willing to suggest if there is any way to deal with unfriendly, aggressive neighbors? I am starting to feel like I attract them. I'm honest to goodness a normal decent human being/mom with two young kids. I've had to get restraining orders against neighbors and eventually moved to a new home to avoid them. Now, I have new neighbor who is becoming very paranoid and aggressive. I've got a turtle and a frog on the front porch. Would wind chimes help? Appreciate your time and any adjustments that might address neighbors.

Sarah S., Tacoma, WA

Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for writing in. We’re excited that our podcast is back as well! Thanks for listening!

That’s great that you’re trying to incorporate feng shui into your home. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had some run-ins with unfriendly and aggressive neighbors. That’s pretty extreme that you’ve had to have restraining orders against your neighbors and that you’ve had to actually move!

I don’t know if this has happened more than twice, but oftentimes the universe presents us with the same challenges over and over again until we work through them and resolve them. As a general rule, I like to work with issues as they arise rather than pushing them aside, because I know they will come up again. This is not to say that you’re doing this; I’m just speaking in general.

I’m not sure what the turtle or the frog on the front porch does. There are many, many schools of feng shui, and in BTB feng shui I have not learned any adjustments that have to do with putting a turtle or frog on the front porch.

There are some secret BTB feng shui cures you can work with if you work directly with a practitioner, but they’re not adjustments that you share without an exchange of energy and without hiring a consultant. What happens in these secret adjustments is that you transform the harmful people into helpful people. What I can suggest without working with you one-on-one, are ways for you to protect your family while still opening your heart. By doing this, you can transform harmful people into helpful people.

If we look at the feng shui bagua map, you can look at a few areas that may help with the situation. There is the Benefactors area, which relates to helpful people, so you can activate that. You would activate that area in your home, not outside, because you can attract helpful people and transform harmful people into helpful people by becoming a helpful person, and maybe becoming more helpful to your neighbors.

Another area you could address is protection, which you can do by repeating this mantra called Ho’ opono pono:

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Ho’ opono pono is practiced in Huna, a spiritual tradition from Hawaii. The idea is that you ask people that are hurting you to forgive you, because everyone in the community is responsible for everybody else. If some wrongdoing happened in a community, everyone in the community would be responsible, not just the person who did the wrongdoing.

Note: There are other secret feng shui adjustments that look at protection. Again, these are shared through one-on-one transmission.

You can also work to heal any karmic ties you may have by performing one good deed a day for 27 days. This will help to heal any karmic baggage that needs some attention at this point.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. It may be helpful to find a BTB feng shui consultant in your area. Or, if a consultation with a full-fledged consultant is not something you’re interested in, we have students in our Mindful Design program who offer consultations at a reduced rate, and they would be able to share those secret transmissions with you. If you’re interested in a student consultation, please reach out to us at Mindful Design School.

Thank you for your question, and thanks for listening to the podcast!

by Anjie Cho

Mindful Design is a new way to learn feng shui. Our a unique training program takes an holistic approach to learning the art of feng shui design. Mindful design is about becoming aware, and attentive, to the energy around you: both inner and outer qi. It is about promoting a better way of living and creating sacred spaces that support, and nourish. Visit us at mindfuldesignschool.com.

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Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui for Career Growth and Direction

Feng Shui for Career Growth and Direction.jpg

I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing podcast! I am also still deciding which Feng Shui school works best for me but I love learning about Feng Shui and your podcast really taught me so much. My whole apartment is located directly above a laundromat. I'm interested in tapping into some good energies for mine and my boyfriend's careers. I need to figure out what direction I want to go in career-wise, and my boyfriend is hoping to grow his business. Thanks for all your help Anjie!

Amy A., Easthampton, MA

Hi Amy,

Thank you so much for listening to the podcast and for submitting your floor plan. Maybe one day we’ll start the podcast again! But I’ve had a busy year working on my book,  and launching Mindful Design Feng Shui School.

From your email, you’ve indicated that you and your boyfriend would like to have some feng shui advice on how to improve your careers. The boyfriend wishes to grow his business, and you would like some direction and clarity on your career in general.

Feng Shui for Career Growth Floor Plan.png

I appreciate the time and energy you spent on this floor plan, and even drawing it up on the computer! Everything is part of the story for you, including the appearance of this floor plan. My first observation was that that you’ve drawn this with a very thick black boundary. In fact the boundary is even thicker at the front door, and I had to spend some time to even find the front door on the plan. Of course all of this relates to your careers. This tells me that there may be some blocks in how business and career opportunities find you. You and your boyfriend can make a bit more effort to put yourself out in the world more. It can be literally getting out of the house more, as well as opening your mind up as well. 

It's interesting that you live above a laundromat. A few things come to mind...living above a lot of things spinning around in circles. And also people coming in to clean their "dirty laundry" and coming out fresh and clean! Finally, the ritual of cleaning. So maybe in your life, you spin things around a few times, but end up with freshness and new beginnings!

A little more on the entry, since the entry and this large block is in the Benefactors area, I think that it would be beneficial to look for helpful people and to travel outside of your comfort zone. Are there mentors you can work with? Are there friends or colleagues that you can reach out to for support? Be sure the entry is clean, uncluttered, and bright. If you need to, add some lighting, or a brighter light bulb. Make sure the outside of your door is clean, and your house number is clear and easy to see. 

The entry is super important to career. It’s how the world finds and sees you. 

For your boyfriend, he would like some growth in his business, so I would recommend a green plant in the Recognition area of your home, which is in the living room where the table is. Near the table by the window would be a perfect spot for a new healthy green plant or tree. I’ve been loving fig trees lately like this one. The leaves are so lush and soft. The wood element can support and enhance the fame and recognition he needs to see growth.

If you want to have some more clarity and direction, keep your windows clean and clear. Even if they’re clean right now, clean them again! The windows symbolize the eyes of the inhabitants of the home. Keep your eyes open and clear so you can start to see what’s the best direction for you. So you can begin to notice the messages from the universe to direct you towards your life path.

Finally, the both of you can attract more helpful people and benefactors, which is in that entry area. Besides the suggestions above, you can also ring a bell like these to activate the benefactors area. The sound and vibrations will spread out so that helpful people will come to your support. It’s even more powerful if you can do this every day between 11am and 1pm for 27 days in a row! 

by Anjie Cho

If you’d like to learn more about feng shui check out the Mindful Design Feng Shui certification program. Laura Morris and I are launching our program in September 2018. We have a free webinar “Five Feng Shui Tools Revealed: Must-Do Business Boosters for Soulpreneurs and Wellness Practitioners” coming up, too! To get on the list about it, sign up at: www.mindfuldesignschool.com.

Mindful Design is a new way to learn feng shui. Our unique training program takes an holistic approach to learning the art of feng shui design. Mindful design is about becoming aware, and attentive, to the energy around you: both inner and outer qi. It is about promoting a better way of living and creating sacred spaces that support, and nourish.

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The Feng Shui of Generosity

I recently learned a Tibetan phrase:

Len Tang Nammin La Rewa Mepa

which translates to “without hoping for response or results.” 

I found it particularly fitting to learn this phrase during the holiday season. This Tibetan phrase pertains to generosity without hoping for anything in return, including any sort of response or even any karmic retribution. I think sometimes we forget that true generosity has nothing to do with what we get back. Though we may be generous, we often still give expecting some result. For instance, we offer advice but are disappointed if recipient fails to respond to it. 

What does this have to do with feng shui? Feng shui is all about qi, or life force energy, and energy affects your karma. Everything we do and everything in the spaces around us carries qi that influences us. So this holiday season, I want to share a couple tips on how to use feng shui to enhance your generosity.

There is an area of the feng shui bagua map that relates to Benefactors. You'll find it in the bottom, right corner of the map. I’m very lucky to have helpful people who support me in my life, such as mentors, clients, family and friends. But since we’re talking about giving, how can we change to become benefactors to others? One feng shui technique involves cultivating this Benefactors area in your home or bedroom and adding a living green plant to symbolize growth and kindness towards others.

Another way to enhance your generosity is to become a benefactor to your home. What does this mean? It means being kind to your space. This can be as simple as acknowledging the home spirits with thanks for protecting you, listening to your home's needs (like fixing a broken door knob), or offering flowers or acts of service, such as keeping the space clean and sacred. 

Of course, even though it’s not about what you receive in return, true generosity does attract abundance and kindness. This holiday season, and even into the new year, use some feng shui to cultivate generosity, starting with your home, and see how it blooms in your outer life. You may be pleasantly surprised! 

by Anjie Cho

Q&A Sunday: Welcoming New Friendships

Welcoming New Friendships.jpg

What is a good way to welcome new friendships in your life? Not just superficial friends but actually friends with whom you truly connect and are supportive?

Charmaine B.M., Morganville, NJ

Hi Charmaine, 

Thank you so much for your question! It's a great one, because many people run into the same issue as we get older, in that it's not as easy to welcome new friends into our lives. It's harder to meet people, and we also tend to grow apart from former friends. Not everyone walks the same path, and sometimes friends don't serve us as well once our paths diverge. 

My first suggestion for you is to look at the location of your dining room and dining table in your home. How close are they to the front door? In your case, it's better if the dining room and table are further towards the back of the home. If they are close to the front door, is it possible for you to move the dining room or table towards the back of the house / room, past the mid-line? Your dining table represents how you break bread with people, interact with them and connect with them. When the dining area is close to the door, it may indicate superficial friendships coming into and leaving from your life quickly. Kind of like "dining and dashing!"

If you do have the situation in your home with the dining area near the front door, but can't change it, there's still hope! The second option, if the first is not available to you, is to place a mirror in the dining area. Choose a large mirror (the larger, the better) and set it up so that it reflects the dining table towards the back of your home. This means that when you look at the mirror, you're facing the back of the home. This energetically pulls your dining table back further into the home and therefore further into the feng shui bagua layout of your home. This may seem a bit confusing, so I encourage you to submit your floor plan, and I can specify which wall to use. 

I also suggest using your dining area often, if you don't already. These days we often neglect dining tables and end up using them as landing places for old mail, working at home and essentially everything but eating! In fact, if you're working at your dining room table too often, that could signify that you are spending too much time on work and not enough on cultivating friendships. Take some time to clean off your table, and host a dinner party or a few friends to activate that energy. 

Finally, activate the Benefactors area of your home. You're not just looking for superficial friends, but for people who can connect with and support you. This means you're looking for Benefactors, helpful people in your life who comfort and encourage you. To welcome these relationships, activate the Benefactors area of the bagua. You can do this by adding a heavy statue in this area to provide support and stability. You can also add plants to your Benefactors area, especially plants with red flowers. Red is auspicious in feng shui, and green plants stimulate new growth and new beginnings

If you'd like, send your floor plan along, and we'll take a more personal look at your dining area. If you're already working with a consultant, consider getting into the question a bit deeper and looking at your specific situation. Are you meeting lots of friends but not connecting? Do you not meet anyone? Do your friends often betray you? It's important to answer these questions so that you can take steps to adjust your space and life to make room for great friends!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: A Kickstart for My Kickstarter

A Kickstart for My Kickstarter.png

How can I expand the mouth of qi for my Kickstarter? Anything, actually, to make it more successful!

Christy P., West Tisbury, MA

Hi Christy,

Thank you for your question about how to make your Kickstarter more successful. Kudos to you for using some feng shui terminology! The mouth of qi is the front door, or a portal, to a space and is an entry for energy to come into your life or home, or in this case, your Kickstarter. So really, this is a question of how to get more energy for your Kickstarter and make it more successful. 

In feng shui, we use the bagua map, and there are three different areas that can help create a more successful Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is a place for you to attract Benefactors, so this would be one area for you to work on and improve: your Benefactors area. Next is the Recognition area, so that people know the Kickstarter even exists. And if you look at the bagua map above, we can create a triad (a triangle) including the areas of Benefactors, Recognition and Knowledge. These are the three ideal bagua areas for you to focus on. We actually refer to this as the Three Harmonies of Fire, and it can create a lot of recognition and fire for support. 

In order to get helpful people to support this project, you, of course, need to attract more people, but to do this, you need to be seen, which is where Recognition, Fame and fire come in. The last area is Knowledge, which includes skills and self-cultivation. Here, I encourage you to consider if you've done enough research and looked into ways to get your Kickstarter noticed. There is a lot of help available through feng shui, but my teachers have always said that the mundane solution is more important than the transcendental solution. So the magic will work, but you also need to do some heavy lifting yourself. 

Start with researching how to improve your Kickstarter (which you may have already done! But do it thoroughly). That, in correlation with the feng shui adjustments, can create success for you. Feng shui-wise, you can create more recognition by activating the three harmonies of fire in your office and/or on your desk. It can be as simple as, in the whole office space, adding a green plant. A living green plant can add fuel to the fire. If you're working with your desk and there isn't room for plants, you can use instead one nine-inch red ribbon in each of the three areas to activate them. The desk and/or office are spaces that connect to your career and business. 

Your product, electronic cases that protect us from EMFs, seems to be really interesting, and I hope that making these adjustments draws more attention to your campaign so that we can see these come to fruition!

by Anjie Cho

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