Q&A Sunday: The Bagua Map and Your Entrance

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If we have an outer gate, and another main entrance into the house, which entrance do we use as a reference for the bagua map? My outer gate faces south and the inner one faces West...so I'm a little confused as how to place the map.

Samantha C., Malaysia

Hi Samantha, thanks for your note!

Your question is an important one. It is challenging to overlay the bagua map on a space. Which way is up? What if my house is “L” shaped, etc. But another source of confusion is when you have more than one entrance. Sometimes this question comes up in suburban homes where the inhabitant enters through the side, rear or garage door, while rarely using the official front door. In this case, it’s recommended to open the official front door occasionally. This can be done once every 9 days, or something to that effect. The front door represents the “mouth of qi,” how energy enters your space and your life. If you never open the front door, then energy has trouble moving into your home and your activities.

This leads me to your question. Even though you have an outer gate to your home, and another main entrance to your home, the official front door would be the one attached to the building with a roof that is your home. When we discuss the “mouth of qi” it’s important to remember that we always follow the qi. Where is the qi coming from? 

Since the exterior gate is a doorway that you walk through to get into the home, it would be considered a “yin” door. Yin doors are the more passive, indirect, or secret doors. It’s the secondary door. But the actual front door to the house is what you would use to overlay the feng shui bagua map.

As I discuss in the Holistic Spaces Podcast episode #2, the bagua map is a concept that you can overlay on your home, but also your bedroom, your desk, or even your hand! Although the primary placement of the bagua on your home would be in reference to your front door, you may locate a secondary bagua map based on the yin door. If you work with an advanced feng shui practitioner, they may use both (or more) bagua maps and suggest you do adjustments in both (or more) baguas if appropriate.

For instance, with the Holistic Spaces Citrine for Wealth & Abundance kit, I provide three pieces of tumbled citrine so that you can intensify the effects by placing one stone in two bagua maps. Place the first in the abundance area of your bedroom, the second on the abundance area of your desk, and the third in your wallet or pocket.

Thank you for the kind words, and check out the podcast on the feng shui bagua map! Please let me know what you think and if you have other questions.

by Anjie Cho

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