Q&A Sunday: Creating Wealth with Feng Shui

I would love to know how to utilize feng shui to create more wealth in my business.

Tonja L., Twin Falls, ID

Wealth and abundance is probably one of the most common issues for which people use feng shui. There is a corner of the feng shui bagua map that governs this area in our lives. I am pleased to share some feng shui adjustments that I have personally found to be very effective in creating wealth in my business. I hope they can help you, too!

Your Desk

First, make sure you have a dedicated area for your work with a desk. If you work from home, a dining room table does not count as a desk. Make some space and get a nice desk to work on. Your desk represents your career and business.

Also, be sure to make sure you are in the command position while sitting at your desk(s). This means in your home office and any other office space. If space is a concern, you can adjust an out-of-command desk with a mirror. Read here for more info about the command position.

Citrine for Wealth & Abundance

The Abundance area of the feng shui map is related to wealth, prosperity and self-worth. Citrine, a natural crystal, is particularly effective at generating and attracting the same things! This stone supports the abundance especially well when placed in the corresponding area of the bedroom or desk.

Natural citrine, a light, yellow-colored stone, is known for its qualities in promoting wealth and success in a variety of ways. Wearing or utilizing citrine crystals directly promotes success in business and abundance in all areas. In addition, citrine is known to strengthen and improve many internal traits that ultimately lead to success in various areas of life as well. According to healing crystal properties, citrine promotes positive self-esteem and vibrant energy, and carrying citrine crystals harnesses the power of the sun, providing new life and sunlight while clearing the mind and making space for new pursuits. This crystal also doesn’t hold onto negative energy; instead it disperses negative energy, thus serving as a protective stone.

Citrine is invigorating and promotes joy. You can also carry the stone with you in your wallet to attract more wealth. Better yet, place a stone in all three areas: the abundance area of your bedroom, of your desk, and in your wallet.

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