Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui Professionals

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What should you look for when hiring a feng shui professional?

Jacqueline R., Cleveland, OH

Great question, Jacqueline! Finding the right feng shui consultant for your needs is a very important step in the adjustment process. The more harmony you have with your chosen professional, the more successful your adjustments will be.

Take some time to review the certifications that your prospective consultant may have. I took a three year certification program, the BTB Masters Program. I think feng shui and architecture, like many other professions, require lifetime study and apprenticeship to develop your craft. It takes decades to become a seasoned feng shui master or architect. I suggest you look for a certification and the length and quality of experience. If you want "Barnes and Noble" feng shui, just go buy and read a book! Also, look at who their teachers are. I still speak to and work with my mentors. I still go to them for a lot of support.

Most importantly, with a designer or feng shui professional, select someone you truly resonate with. Spend some time, ask some questions and see how you feel about the person. Go with your gut intuition and see who you connect with the most. Be sure to ask them about their processes and let them know what you want. Different consultants will be able to focus better on different needs.

Do you need someone who is more focused on energy flow? Do you need a designer who is more into the decorative aspects? Do you want to have someone who focuses on traditional feng shui or a more modern adaptation? Would it be helpful if they specialized in a specific area, such as children?

Naturally, there are many factors you should consider when hiring any professional, including your comfort level, whether the consultant sees your goals in the same way you do, recommendations, experience, certifications...the list goes on. These are just a few suggestions to consider when looking to hire a feng shui professional to help you create a holistic space you love!

by Anjie Cho

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