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Q&A Sunday: Microwaves and Feng Shui

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My microwave is in the Abundance/prosperity gua. It cannot be removed. How can I improve the feng shui of the kitchen ? Can you suggest a cure?

Giuliana G., Lille, France

Hi Giuliana

Hello to France! I love that you write in such wonderful and useful questions!

In this case, my sense is that a microwave in your Abundance and wealth area may not necessarily be a feng shui issue. Things like microwaves, waste bins, laundry baskets, etc. have to go somewhere right? It's more about not letting the rubbish or laundry pile up and being conscious of your space. In the case of a microwave, are you keeping it clean and in good repair? Personally, I try to avoid microwaves because of the health risks. I also feel as though it turns the ritual of making life-force-infused food with intention into a quick and thoughtless one-minute zap. But I'm definitely not here to judge, and there is a time and place for them. Either way, I do think it is worth taking a look at the EMFs that microwaves emit. 

The radiation from microwaves isn't necessarily dangerous like other radiation (i.e. from X-rays), but there is a lack of studies regarding long term effect of the low levels of radiation from microwaves. However, microwaves do emit the same sort of EMFs as cell phones and other electronics, so they can cause stress on the body and health problems like headaches, fatigue, nausea, etc., especially in combination with the other EMFs we're exposed to regularly. Anything plugged in creates an EMF.

The best way to avoid negative effects from the microwave is to try not to spend excessive time near it. Avoid standing near the microwave and waiting for your food, and if possible, try to situate the dining table, cooking area, etc. at least 5 feet from the microwave.

Energetically I have used a plug buster (which I unfortunately cannot find online anymore) as well as black tourmaline in my home to mitigate the effects of EMFS. Black tourmaline is one of the most popular healing crystals for dispersing negative energy, and it can be very effective in working against EMFs. The stones have a quality that works to balance the energy of the body through energy conversion, and maintaining this balance can help counteract some of the many sources of stress in everyday lives, including cell phones, electromagnetic smog and other negative energies. We have a black tourmaline set in the Holistic Spaces store, and you can place a crystal between you and the microwave or around your neck.

Of course, it will also be helpful to eliminate other EMFs where possible. The fewer you are exposed to, the better!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Quartz in the Refrigerator

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Quartz in the refrigerator is new to me. What is the benefit? Which one is the best: clear/rose/smokey/ritualised?


Hi Rowena!

Thanks for your thoughtful question. We suggest clear quartz for locating in your refrigerator. The refrigerator holds food that nourishes you, and clear quartz can be used to amplify this nourishing energy. 

Be sure to clear the clear quartz and empower it with your intention that the food in the refrigerator is nourishing and creates vitality for you physically, mentally and spiritually. You can also use the feng shui bagua map on your refrigerator, and place the crystal in the center area which is related to overall health.

There are different ways to work with crystals, but I’d like to share a simple procedure to acquire, cleanse and activate the crystal. 

  • Acquire a new crystal that finds you. To me this means one that speaks to you. Go with first thought is best thought, and don’t over think it. It may be the one that you literally see first.
  • Cleanse the crystal. Again there are dozens of methods, but one simple one is to use sage, incense, palo santo or another smudging method to clear any energy.
  • Dedicate and activate the crystal with your intention. In this case we are creating the intention that the clear quartz will amplify and enhance the nourishment of the food in your refrigerator, to support your body and spirit. Be sure you’re in a positive and open healing place when this is done. You can do this while bathing the crystal in pure bright sunlight.

You can read more about working with crystals in "Love is in the Earth", one of the most comprehensive crystal reference books available.

Remember that the intention behind this adjustment is as important as the adjustment itself. Take the time to find a crystal that resonates with you, and imbue it with positive, supportive energy before placing it into your refrigerator. We would love to see which crystal you choose!

by Anjie Cho

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Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui Adjustments for Unused Doors

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Thank you so much for answering my question! It is uncanny what you say about all the doors. We moved into this house 2.5 years ago with 9 people. We are down to 6 now, and we are indeed, all very loud and opinionated. There are often power struggles among the family members. The room in which I spend the most time (the kitchen) has doors to outside, a back hall, a pantry, a staircase, the basement, a bedroom, and the dining room. Is opening the door to let in light and solar heat sufficient, or should I open the storm door, too, and walk through it?

Judy S., Alstead, NH

Hi Judy,

It’s so nice to hear from you again. And…wow, that’s a lot of doors in your kitchen! 

In our previous post where we answered your question, we advised that even if you don't use your front door as the regular entrance, you should lay your bagua from there, and that it's also important to open that door on a regular basis. 

Your follow-up question regarding the door is “Is it enough to just open the door, or do you need to walk through it?” The answer is that it’s most beneficial if you walk through it. By walking through the door you activate it. A door is a portal for energy. In BTB feng shui we call your front door the “mouth of qi”. So, I would say, if possible, walk through the door. A little effort goes a long way!

And with regard to all the doors in your kitchen - as I said before there may be a lot of voices and opinions in the home, possibly conflicting. It would be helpful to place a feng shui faceted crystal ball in the center of the kitchen to provide clarity to those voices. We have them available at our shop here.

Perhaps it would be helpful to share your intentions with these adjustments with your family members so that everyone understands the significance of the doors and crystal and is on the same page. In either case, remember to walk through each door every nine days or so (not just once) and cut the cord for your feng shui crystal at a multiple of nine. These details will enhance your adjustments even more!

by Anjie Cho

Thanks for reading our "Q&A Sunday".  We will be answering questions submitted by our readers. Click here to submit any Feng Shui or Green Design questions!

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