Featured in Let It Out Gift Guide

image credit:  Katie Dalebout

image credit: Katie Dalebout

I am so thrilled to share that my wonderful friend, Katie Dalebout, has included us in her Let It Out gift guide again this year! Katie’s personally curated guide includes her favorite books, clothes, local businesses and even places to donate. Take a peek at all her recommendations, including the Holistic Spaces book!


–I’ll be There for You – by Kelsey Miller 
–This Will Only Hurt A Little – by Busy Phillips 
–Text Me When You Get Home – by Kayleen Shaefer
–Spirit Almanac – by Lindsay Kellner and Emma Loewe 
–Becoming – by Michelle Obama
–How to Not Always Be Working – by Marlee Grace
Holistic Spaces – by Anjie Cho 
Letting Go Of Leo- by Simi Botic

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Katie Dalebout is an author, speaker, yoga teacher, social media butterfly, life-coach, podcast host and most importantly, mayor of the Wellness Wonderland. Katie believes that every detail counts, positive thoughts make miracles, authenticity creates strong relationships, and that every day you should dress, eat, and act like it’s a special occasion.

With her grounded Midwestern roots and astronomical dreams, Katie has taken her passions for communication & wellness and blended them together to share them with the masses on this platform. And elsewhere including Over The Moon, MindBodyGreenThe Beauty Bean and Bella Life

With her thoughts, Katie truly lives in her own…well…wonderland, visit her there often and create your own state of  bliss. If you’d like more inspiration from the girl behind the blog, hop on over to InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Tumblr. Be well…

My Favorite Things: 5 Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

Welcome to My Favorite Things! Each month, we highlight products to help you create a holistic lifestyle that inspires and nurtures you, so that you can be happier and feel supported.

This month is the month of moms, since Mother's Day is this weekend! If you're still wondering about the perfect gift for the perfect mom, we've got some great ideas for meaningful options that go past a beautiful bouquet (but check out our suggestions if you prefer flowers!). From spiritual art to sustainable beauty products, there is something here for almost any mom!

Abundant Tranquility Mala

One of my friends and favorite clients, Satya Scainetti, has a beautiful collection of jewelry, any piece of which makes an amazing gift. 

Satya does mala workshops, which I highly recommend as a wonderful experience, but if you missed last week's, you can still find meaningful, beautiful malas online. This one represents unconditional love, joy, good fortune and creativity and is one of Satya's choices for Gifts of Love!

Available at: Satya Jewelry

Moon II Yantra Mandala for Nourishment and Creativity

The Moon II yantra, which depicts feminine colors like light blues, pinks and purples, is associated with femininity, nourishment, creativity and emotions. 

This mandala represents self-nourishment and self-care and corresponds to the Relationship area of the feng shui bagua, which is also related to the Mother, making it an ideal gift for the upcoming holiday!

Available at: Holistic Spaces

Warming Herbal Neck Wrap

Being a mom can be tough work, and it's not always easy to find time or money to relax or take a spa day. These warming herbal neck wraps from Savor Beauty, sustainably created from flax seeds, are an easy way to get a little relaxation without having to take an entire day!

They come in various designs, can be used as hot or cold and are great with essential oils! Just pop in the microwave or freezer and soothe stress! You can order wraps online or check in at their newest location in the Upper West Side, designed by Anjie Cho Architect, PLLC!

Available at: Savor Beauty

Feng Shui Consultation

Sometimes the best gifts are actually experiences, and feng shui can be a wonderful, guiding experience for any mom! Feng shui can be helpful on many levels in matters spiritual and mundane. 

I offer a variety of feng shui consultations, including online services, so even if you're not in NYC or LA, helping your mom improve her feng shui and create a personalized holistic space is a possibility!

Available at: AnjieCho.com

7-Free Vegan Nail Polish Set

Another popular gift for Mother's Day is a trip to the nearest salon for a manicure and pedicure. Nothing quite relaxes like being treated to a massage and some nail upkeep!

This year, instead of relying on traditional nail polish, opt for ella + milla, an eco-friendly nail polish option free of seven nasty chemicals in addition to being vegan and animal cruelty-free. ella + milla comes in many colors and is even PETA approved! 

Available at: ella + milla

Holistic Spaces 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our first ever Holistic Spaces Holiday Gift Guide! 

I really love gift-giving all year round, so the holidays are a fun time for me! It's not about how much you spend, but the thought that counts. I've included items at all different price points and even some DIY ideas. And of course each of the gift ideas can assist your loved ones in creating a holistic space and lifestyle, so that they can be happier and feel supported in their lives.

Book: 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces

for the feng shui fancier

Yes, of course I just had to include some of my own products. In case you didn't know, I wrote a book and I have signed copies of my book available on the Holistic Spaces store.

This book is a great introduction to feng shui and holistic design principles.

Feng Shui can change your life -- but learning how to use it can feel overwhelming. Architect and feng shui practitioner, Anjie Cho clears the clutter and shows you how to apply feng shui and green design principles to support and enhance your life. From the bedroom to the home office, and from furniture placement to the use of color, these simple, straightforward tips will transform your home and workplace to improve the flow of energy through your life.

Receive Free Shipping on your purchases over $45 through December 31, 2015 with the code GIFTGUIDE

Available at: Holistic Spaces

The moon glass set

for the moon worshipper

The Moon Glass set was designed by Seoul's Tale Ltd (my peeps! the Koreans!). The moon is yin and is related to the feminine principle, intuition and introspection. We look to the moon often in feng shui to gain insight on what's happening on the inside.

This design is such a delightful and graceful reminder of all the phases of the moon. "Fill it up with a nice rice wine (or any other beverage of your choice) and watch as each sip you take brings the moon from full to three-quarters, half, and crescent. The trick is achieved by a slope inside of the cup and the sleek black glaze creates a fantastic contrast with opaque or cloudy beverages."

Available at: the Colossal Shop

Sashiko cloths handmade by grandma

for the textile lover

Sashiko, "little stabs," is traditional Japanese embroidery and my newest obsession. While browsing Etsy for some sashiko supplies, I stumbled upon these beautiful little gems: Handmade sashiko cloths hand made by a Japanese grandmother! 

Nina explains: "This is made by my grandma who is 97 years old now :) She is quite active and loves to embroider. Some stitches might be jumped but she is sticking with love. We would be happy if you feel love from Japan :)"

How cute, right?!?! I snatched one up right away!

Available at: Litre Japan on Etsy

Reclaimed Birch Coasters

for the green enthusiast

The brainchild of "redesigner," Kelly Anderson, everything on the Refreshed Designs website is not only organic, it's created from repurposed wood that would otherwise go to waste. These cozy coasters are sliced from storm-fallen birch trees in Anderson's home area, New Brunswick.

Anderson shares the same love for green design as Holistic Spaces, and the Erthe Line is full of simple, warming items for desks, walls and tables in your space. 

"Our philosophy is to return to nature to make our homes sustainable, functional and naturally appealing, thereby consuming less and connecting with our surroundings." 

Available at: Refreshed Designs

Brass Frame Round Tabletop Mirror

for the elegant entrepreneur

Most of my readers know about the importance of locating your desk in the commanding position. If that's not possible, a lovely tabletop mirror such as this one is perfect to place you back in command. 

I love the warm earthy color of the brass with the coolness of the clear mirror. The Michele Varian shop is one of my favorite stores in Soho.

Available at: Michele Varian Shop

Mandala gift certificate

for the yogi or yogini

Mandalas are sacred geometric art forms from the Vedic and Buddhist traditions. They are tools for centering and focus during meditation. As sacred art and as meditation objects, our mandalas graphically and energetically embody the intention you wish to manifest in your life and spaces. Each Holistic Spaces mandala is an original Vedic square design pattern, using traditional yantra symbology, and created while reciting mantra.

The recipient can use the Mandala Matchmaker to select the perfect mandala for them based on their numerology, intention or intuition.

With these gift cards your loved ones can choose for the mandala that they love. 

Receive 10% off a Mandala Gift Card through December 31, 2015 with the code GIFTMANDALA

Available at: Holistic Spaces

le soleil & La lune candles

for the romantic

I interviewed Barbara Jacques from Jacq's Organics earlier this year (read it here!), and I just love some of the products from her all-natural, organic beauty and home line. 

These candles, La Lune and Le Soleil are made with fewer than 5 ingredients each, 100% soy wax and come in recyclable glass jars. The candles represent balance in the form of the sun and the moon ("Le Soleil" and "La Luna" in French, respectively) and go hand in hand with the feng shui principles of yin and yang energy.

Le Soleil includes notes of citrus, making it the perfect scent to provide an energetic boost or to start off your day, and La Luna was created to help you wind down, relax and welcome the yin energy of the moon.

Available at: Jacq's Organics

DIY Soft Cotton Knit TOWELS

for the gracious hostess

Last year I knit dozens of these vintage looking dishtowels from a pattern available from Purl Soho. Whether you're on a budget or love to craft, these lovely handmade items are wonderful gifts. 

The stitching is easy enough for beginners, and giving never feels better than when it's made with love, so give it a try! 

Patterns Available at: Purl Soho


for the crafty creative

Purl Soho also has dozens of beautiful pre-assembled craft kits that come with everything you need to craft your own projects such as friendship bracelets (remember those?!) or a Cashmere Ombré Wrap Kit

I organize "crafternoons" with my girlfriends every few months. One of my friends thanked me for helping her be creative. A kit to do-it-yourself is not only fun, but empowering :)

Kits Available at: Purl Soho

2016 chinese New year Kit

for the star gazer

Just one more thing from my store! The Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and Holistic Spaces now has customized kits to embrace the new year in style. 

The upcoming year is the Year of the Monkey, so each kit includes a snake charm for good luck and prosperity. The snake is the best friend of the monkey, so keeping one nearby is good feng shui! Each kit also includes a Nine Star Ki aromastick for support based on your personal astrology and Holistic Spaces very own Happy Room Mist, perfect for space clearing for the new year! 

Available at: Holistic Spaces

journey through the seven seas, Handmade cards

for the enchanting explorer

My good friend Amy T. Won, of Treespace Studio paints wonder filled scenes. One of my favorites is the "Journey Through the Seven Seas" series. This series conjures up thoughts of a magical wonderland under and above the ocean. Images of water inspire peace, calm and fascination for me.

Lucky for us, Amy has made her artwork available as beautiful cards that we can share or gift to others.

Available at: Treespace Studio

Featured in Yoga Journal's Holiday Gift Guide!

image credit: Ben Fullerton via  Yoga Journal

image credit: Ben Fullerton via Yoga Journal

We are so excited to announce that our Durga Mandala is featured in Yoga Journal's Holiday Gift Guide this year - GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK!

Holistic Spaces Fine-Art Mandala Prints

From $81, holisticspaces.com

Yoga Journal is also giving away 5 Durga Mandalas, be sure to enter to win!

And check in on Sunday to see the very first Holistic Spaces Holiday Gift Guide!

by Anjie Cho