Feng Shui on a Budget

Many times, I hear people say that they can't afford to make the feng shui adjustments they'd like, or they worry about having to buy new items in order to improve the energy in their homes. While there are a number of products available to improve the qi in your spaces, I'm a firm believer that feng shui should be available to everyone. Take a peek at the tips below for introducing feng shui into your home and office, even if you're on a budget. Keep in mind, although these adjustments are effective, especially with the right intentions, they don't take the place of a certified practitioner

Student Consultations

Many feng shui schools or organizations offer student consultations while students are still learning. Think of places you can get a cheaper haircut by an instructor-assisted student, or discounts on other beauty regiments, like manicures or massages, as students perfect their craft. Feng shui academies often do the same thing! Spend some time online checking out schools near you, and if you're in the New York area, try the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program, where I learned feng shui! 

Holistic Spaces

We work hard on the Holistic Spaces blog to bring you as many helpful, affordable feng shui tips as possible. From our Q&A Sunday questions to the podcast to weekly blog posts on common feng shui adjustments, the Holistic Spaces blog is a good spot to find information on feng shui without the cost of a full consultation. Just use the search bar on the right-hand side under Previous Blog Posts!

One Good Deed a Day

One of the first adjustments my feng shui mentor taught me was One Good Deed a Day. It seems easy enough - just do one good deed every day for 27 days. The best part about this adjustment is that, once you really start to think about it, it becomes so much more than just a good deed for another. This adjustment can really open doors for positive energy to come to you, and it's completely free!

Plant Life

A favorite adjustment for feng shui believers and non-believers alike is the addition of plants to your spaces. In feng shui, plants bring life energy to your home or office through the wood element, which symbolizes new beginnings, kind heartedness and fresh energy. As an added perk, they also work hard to improve the air quality in your indoor spaces. Adding a plant to your home or office can be as easy as transporting some of your backyard greenery indoors or even borrowing cuttings from friend. Check out how to do that here

Qi Cleansing of Re-used Objects

While it is almost always better to invest in new items or plants for adjustment purposes, it's understandable that isn't always an option. Maybe you managed to find some beautiful crystals at a thrift shop, or a friend moved away and left an object in your care. These are both acceptable additions to your space, but always remember to clear the energy of any item that comes into your home. Whether you open the windows and peel some oranges or burn a little palo santo, refreshing the energy in your space, including the items there, is a very important aspect of feng shui. Usually it's best to clear the "predecessor qi" of any reused objects so you can start fresh.  

Book Tips

One of my favorite resources for feng shui on any budget is my book, 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces. I finished my first book this year, and it's packed with tips on creating your own holistic space through feng shui adjustments and guidance, like how using different burners can open up your opportunities. If you haven't picked up a copy, check the Holistic Spaces store for a signed one! 

No matter what adjustments you decide are best for you and your space, the most important part of feng shui is remembering that it is YOUR space. Everyone deserves to have a sacred space filled with positive energy and beautiful objects that nourishes who they are. Your holistic space may be different from a friend or family members, and you make choose different adjustments that speak to you, but ultimately, all that matters is that you make your space your own. 

Have you made any of the adjustments or changes we mention on the site? We absolutely love to hear about how feng shui has affected the lives of our readers. Share your story in the comments (photos encouraged)! 

by Anjie Cho

A Feng Shui Exercise That Will Help You Attract Abundance

featured this week on Over the Moon

image credit: Inga Dudkina/Shutterstock via  Over the Moon

image credit: Inga Dudkina/Shutterstock via Over the Moon

One of the first feng shui adjustments my teacher gave me was to perform one good deed a day for 27 days. If I missed a day, I would have to start all over again! I know this doesn’t sound like a feng shui adjustment, but feng shui is much more than just moving furniture around. Feng shui is a philosophy and practice to shift your qi, or life force energy.

Environmental changes are one way to change your energy, such as with space clearings and object placement. Feng shui also can work on an invisible level through meditations, visualization and adjustments, like “One Good Deed a Day.” This cure is useful to everyone, but lately I’ve been prescribing it for clients that have asked me about how to improve and attract wealth and abundance.

At first glance, it seems like a pretty simple task. One good deed a day seems very easy. Many, including myself, say, “Oh, but I already do good deeds as much as possible.” This is great! But as I learned by performing this practice, there is a lot of depth to this seemingly simple cure.

For the first few days, I started doing my one good deed a day, but then found myself pondering what a good deed really was. If I was going to do it out of habit, did it count? Did I need to donate money? Were my intentions behind the good deed pure? Was I approaching each good deed as a selfless bodhisattva?

My good deed turned out to be opening doors for strangers. Even now, I do this as much as I can. No matter how much of a hurry I’m in, it only takes a few seconds to hold the door. It is a kind gesture people appreciate. And you know what?

My “One Good Deed a Day” helped open doors for me, too! 

by Anjie Cho


featured this week on The Wellness Wonderland, by Katie Dalebout

Anjie Cho is awesome. I’m so excited to finally welcome her to Wonderland. Since recording this episode she has become a great friend and she even interviewed me a couple times on her site here and here. She is one of the coolest, kindest, and most knowledgable people I’ve ever met. I am fascinated by Feng Shui, minimalism, and interior design and in this episode Anjie uses her vast experience and knowledge to enlighten us on all of that and more. Anjie is a registered Architect, Feng Shui Interior Designer and best selling author of 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces: Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes. Since 1999, she has been creating beautiful and nourishing environments throughout New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond. There are so many simple yet profoundly impactful tips shared in the episode and I’m so excited to hear how you implement them in your lives. Let us know.

One Good Deed a Day

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day. This day reminds me of one of the first feng shui adjustments my mentor, Rosalie Prinzivalli, taught me. This feng shui adjustment is simply to do one good deed a day.

His Holiness Professor Lin Yun is the founder of BTB Feng Shui. I found that so many of his feng shui adjustments were so simple on the surface, but as you start to work through them they become very powerful. The “One Good Deed A Day” adjustment is just that. Rosalie said Professor taught that when times are difficult, we tend to hold things closer to us in fear. For instance, you get laid off from your job. Then you decide to hold on tighter to the money that you have. But holding tighter can restrict energy flow in your life. Instead of tightening our grip on things, it’s beneficial to open up and do good deeds to get the positive energy flowing. If you put good energy out there, it will surely come back to you.

Rosalie challenged me to do one good deed a day for 27 days. 27 is an auspicious number because it is a multiple of nine, and nine is the most auspicious number in feng shui, representing completion and wholeness. Day one, I thought, “Oh this is going to be easy, I do good things all the time!” But then I started to consider, is it a good deed if I would do it anyway? Does it “count?" Then I started to ponder, "Does this mean I need to donate money? What is a good deed anyway?" 

By day 18… I started to realize something. If I did a good deed with intention and purely to do something nice, then it counted! My go-to good deed was to open doors for people. I would literally run to get the door for anyone. But what happened was by opening doors for others, I was opening doors for myself. What a lovely metaphor! 

So on February 17th, I challenge you to start the feng shui adjustment of “One Good Deed A Day” for 27 days… and see what doors you can open in your life!

by Anjie Cho