My Favorite Things: 5 Wallpapers to Balance Your Elements

Welcome to My Favorite Things! Each month, we highlight products to help you create a holistic lifestyle that inspires and nurtures you, so that you can be happier and feel supported.

Over the past few years, wallpaper has made quite a comeback. If you're looking for the old style, though, you may not find it so easily. Instead, modern wallpaper features bold colors, quirky designs and natural themes that are perfect compliments to home feng shui. I've curated wallpaper designs for each of the five elements to help you balance your holistic space!


I love the bright energetic colors in this Calico wallpaper. Even if you're not into patterns and loud colors, you can still spice up any space with this style. 

In feng shui, these shades invoke the Wood element, welcoming new beginnings and working to lift your qi. This pattern is perfect for nurseries, offices, bathrooms and any number of holistic spaces!

Available at: Calico

Marble Wallpaper in Clay-Blue

This wavy design from Rebecca Atwood is another favorite. Representative of the Water element with its dark shades and waves, this wallpaper is a great addition to expand your depth of knowledge and wisdom

It's worth noting that colors this dark often do best as accent walls rather than full rooms, as darker shades can make a room full dreary when used in excess. 

Available at: Rebecca Atwood

Striation Wallpaper

If neutral is more your flavor, or if you're looking to add something earthy to your space, this Striation pattern from Anthropologie is a beautiful choice. 

"Striation" is such a great name for this design, as it feels like cutting through the striations of the earth. It's an ideal way to add a bit of texture to a clean, neutral room. In addition, earthy colors and patterns like this can help create stability and self-care!  

Available at: Anthropologie

Petal Pusher

For more Metal in your holistic space, this combination of silver and circular shapes can complete and refine things in your life with beauty and precision. 

Metallic colors are symbolic of the Metal element, and this pattern is a great way to ease into using those shades in your space. 

Available at: Hygge & West

Apex Grand

I love this wallpaper for adding the Fire element without using the color red. Red can be somewhat overwhelming and can easily be used in excess.

This pattern uses triangular shapes, which also represent the Fire element, and paired with more neutral colors, it's a wonderful way to add the passion and recognition of Fire energy. 

Available at: Cole & Son