Essential Oils for Focus

I'm very excited to have just released the second in our line of mood mists on the Holistic Spaces apothecary. This one is centered around improving focus, and it contains some of my favorite essential oils along with some healing crystals

For the focus blend, Aromatherachi and Holistic Spaces decided on a combination of rosemary, cedarwood and frankincense, which provides mental clarity and precision, and included several pieces of carnelian for stability and grounding. Check out why this special blend works for enhancing focus!

As one of the first herbs to be used in healing, rosemary directly activates the central nervous system, which is the most important system in your everyday life. In fact, without the central nervous system, we would have no brain activity, no bodily control and no way to interpret the things that happen to us each and every day. You can see why a natural central nervous system stimulant is a good route for increased focus!

As for cedarwood, this essential oil also dates back to ancient use, and it appeals to part of the brain as well! Cedarwood specifically targets the limbic system in the brain, which helps us to relax and release a bit of stress. When you're not stressed and you're able to see clearly what's going on around you, do you feel you can better focus on the task at hand? I sure do!

Frankincense is said to welcome dignity, peace and calmness into our minds and to open up our beings to a much wider range of sight. As such, it can also provide inspiration and help us to get in touch with ideas we may not have access to when we are stressed and busy. 

We added carnelian to this powerful blend to bring a bit more stability. Carnelian is a widely used healing stone and is known for powerful, high energy that can help with everything from stage fright to athletic stamina, organization and more. Because of this high energy, carnelian is also a fantastic stone for use in stabilizing and anchoring thoughts in the present moment, which is obviously very helpful for anyone with an overactive brain and difficulty focusing! 

The combined energy and healing powers of these essential oils and crystals are bound to bring a more clear, focused energy to any space. What do you think? Could your space use a little more focus?

by Anjie Cho