Is Your Closet Clutter Clogging Your Energy?

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image credit: Iordani/Shutterstock via  Over the Moon

image credit: Iordani/Shutterstock via Over the Moon

The spring or fall equinoxes mark excellent times to look into your closet clutter, specifically your clothing. I recently did a little de-cluttering of my clothing and even came to a new realization about myself.

Feng shui teaches us that our environments are a reflection of our inner and outer lives. A very full closet tells the universe that you have enough, or even maybe too much, and that you do not have room for anything new. You can apply this literally and metaphorically. If your closet is full, then you close off any new opportunities for the universe to offer you in your career, love and/or path in life.

In feng shui philosophy, your closets may represent hidden or unacknowledged issues. They are often dark and stuffed to the maximum, creating stale and stuck energy. Opening up the closets and taking everything out will stir up this stagnant qi, or life force energy.

Be sure to sweep up the dust balls, and toss all the objects in the closet on your bed or floor. With everything out of the way, take a look at all your clothing. You know those “I’ll fit in to them one day” jeans? My thought is that the energy spent on keeping those pieces of clothing actually hold you back and work against you. You hold onto those jeans like you hold onto the weight. Let those go and purchase new jeans that fit you and look really great! In my experience this also surprisingly allows your body to shed some unwanted weight.

I love Marie Kondo’s approach where she asks her clients to hold each piece of clothing and to feel if it brings you joy. By using this process, I recognized that I had so many clothes that did not bring me joy. And for some reason, I never wore the clothing that did make me happy! It was this strange feeling to realize that all these years, I’d been saving the clothing that I loved for a special occasion and wearing pieces that were mediocre on an everyday basis. I decided then and there, I want to wear the clothing that brings me joy everyday! What was I waiting for?

So, what are you waiting for? Clean out your closet and bring in some new fresh energy!

by Anjie Cho