Q&A Sunday: Laying a Bagua with an Unused Front Door

I am a bit confused on how to lay the bagua map on my kitchen. I saw that for the entire house, it should be lain on the front door, whether it gets used or not, but my kitchen has the door we use all the time. It makes sense to me that that is where the bagua map should be aligned, but I want to make sure. The door we always use to come in and out of the house is on the east wall in the middle of the room, with the doorway to the rest of the interior of the house through the dining room on the south wall. If the map is aligned with the door to the dining room (since the kitchen is part of the greater whole of the house), that door would be in the benefactors gua, and the outside door would be in the completion gua

Judy S., Alstead, NH

Hi Judy

Thanks for your email! I’m so glad you like the podcasts and blog. I’m glad it can help you.

We never got your floor plan. Our team did email you again, but didn’t hear back. You’re still welcome to send it in to info@holisticspaces.com. It is true that a picture can say a thousand words. But based on your question, let’s see what we can do! 

Yes, the main bagua of the house is based on the formal front door, whether it’s used or not. As a reminder, be sure to use the front door periodically, maybe once every 9 days, to keep the qi active there. There are many many people who use their kitchen door more often than the front door. So you can have a secondary bagua map, however this is advanced. As a non-practioner, you should place the main bagua map based on your formal front door.

On a separate note, doors represent the mouth of the inhabitants. Doors are portals. The confusion with all the doors may indicate some confusion with the voices in the home. Perhaps there are too many voices? Or there are power struggles and it’s difficult to tell who’s in charge in the household. Food for thought!

Again, please do try to email us your floor plan! We’d love to help you out!

by Anjie Cho

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