Q&A Sunday: Rose Quartz

Hi Anjie, recently I purchased two rose quartz stones as I want to work on meeting a nice man, but also to meet new friends! I put the stones just outside the left corner of my bed. Is this a good location to put the stones since I do not have a "bedroom"? I live in a studio. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Jennifer, Chicago, IL

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your question! I hope you like the rose quartz pairs that you purchased from the website. They will be helpful in attracting a new partner. Since you live in a studio, it seems like a good idea to locate them  by laying the bagua on your bed. You place the grid so that the relationship area is on upper right corner near the head of the bed. In other words, if you’re laying in bed on your back, the relationship area is the corner of the bed near your left shoulder, so the night stand on the right side of your bed would be the perfect place to activate relationships.

As far as meeting new friends, rose quartz might not be the best thing for that. You can activate the water element in your home to create new connections with friends. You can wear more black, add wavy patterns or shapes, or add a fountain. Also, for your qi - say yes and make more connections with people!

I hope that helps! Send along a photo of your rose quartz, we’d love to share it!

by Anjie Cho

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