Q&A Sunday: Unique Bagua Map Layout

I just listened to your podcasts about the feng shui bagua map, and I'm wondering, looking at my living room bagua, do you divide the room into 9 spaces equally by measurement, or is there a different way of determining where, for example, Benefactors becomes Completion?

Also, since my entrance faces into the living room but away from the rest of the apartment, I get a little confused as to creating a bagua for the whole apartment (or - I suppose this is a third question? Do you count the entrance way on the bagua as the one of the whole building?)

Sacha J., New York, NY

Thanks for your question, Sacha. This brings up a few interesting issues that people encounter when laying out the bagua map on their homes. 

For your first question, looking at just your living room, yes. You can divide the room equally into a 3x3 grid by measurement. 

Now onto the second question. Your main entrance does face into the living room, with most of the apartment outside of the bagua map. We would not include the public hall, what’s outside of your apartment door, onto your bagua. However, if you wanted to do a bagua of the building, you would use the main entrance of the building (that faces the street).

The simplest way to apply the bagua to your home is to apply the bagua map to each room. This doesn’t mean that you need to put an adjustment in each room, but where it’s relevant for your needs. For instance, if you want more prosperity, perhaps energizing the abundance area of your bedroom area and kitchen area would help. So, you’d find that area in each of those rooms. 

But there are two issues to point out here. It may be problematic that your kitchen and bedroom are outside of the bagua. It may mean that your wealth and love is found outside the home. There are ways to bring back the areas that are outside of the bagua map using mirrors to visually and energetically reflect the rooms back into the bagua. For instance, a mirror on wall of the living room that can reflect through the hallway. It will bring back in the image of the rest of the apartment. 

Second, there’s a blocked secondary door. Doors represent the voices of the inhabitants of the home. You can open it periodically to give that voice a chance to share, or there are more specific feng shui adjustments that a consultant can share with you that will open up the energy.

I hope this clears up some of your confusion! Thanks so much for writing in, and please let us know how any adjustments you make turn out! 

by Anjie Cho

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