Q&A Sunday: Daybeds and Feng Shui

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I was listening to your Episode #12 and was wondering what your feeling is on daybeds; I live in a studio and have a daybed that acts as a couch and my twin size bed. The space simply cannot accommodate a larger bed. Do you have any recommendations as it relates to modifying the space to make it more auspicious for attracting a partner?

Rita P., Queens, NY

Hi Rita! 

Thank you so much for listening my podcast (including Episode #12: Making Space for Love) … and also thank you so much for writing in!

Yes, daybeds. I remember they were so popular when I was a teenager. My sister begged my mom for a daybed so her friends could come over and sleep on the bed that you could pull out below.

In this case, you only have the twin bed and nothing below. I very much understand that in studio apartments you only have so much room, and if a twin bed or a daybed that acts as a sofa is all that you can manage, then it is what it is. 

As I discussed in the podcast, a twin bed, with the long end against a wall, is not the most ideal for attracting a partnership, because it’s not exactly open on both sides.

In addition, the twin size only accommodates one person comfortably, and with the long side against the wall, if you could somehow both squeeze in, one partner may feel trapped! We definitely don’t want that, do we? 😃

Some possible solutions may be: 

- Upgrade to a pull out sofa or futon that becomes a larger bed (I understand that you may not have room for that either).

- Get an additional twin bed that pulls out from under the daybed to make it a larger bed. When using this bed with the split, be sure to use a red sheet under any other sheets to mend the split.

If none of this is possible, listen to the podcast again. Look at some of the other love-related blog posts, and use the other tools to attract love, such as activating the opposite gua, self-knowledge, and keeping the bed clean underneath. I would also suggest the most basic feng shui cures, like making sure the bed is in commanding position

A bed that can comfortably accommodate two is, of course, the best option for welcoming love, but if your space doesn't permit that, there are plenty of ways to show the universe you're looking for a partner! If your daybed isn't going anywhere anytime soon, aim for these other feng shui adjustments and remember that intention is one of the most important aspects!

by Anjie Cho

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