Feng Shui for Your New Apartment - Round 3

So you're moving! We've already talked clearing your space, laying the bagua, adding plant life and more, but there are still a few more ways to use feng shui in turning a new apartment into a sacred space. Let's hang out in the bedroom (mostly) for a bit!

Balance Your Bed

Whether you're currently in a relationship or hoping to one day be part of a healthy couple, it's important that your bed reflect this. If you shove your bed against the wall, you're telling the universe you don't have room for anyone else! Instead, do your best to center your bed in your space, allowing equal room on each side, and if you're opting for a nightstand, make sure to put one of comparable size on the other side of the bed too. This set up lets the universe know that you're ready to welcome another person into your life and your space.

Avoid EMFs in The Bedroom

These days we're surrounded by technology. Some of us use it almost every minute of the day, and many of us even use our phones as alarm clocks. While this is ok if it's your only option, it's best to try to avoid any electronic items in the bedroom. Over time, the radiation that EMFs (electromagnetic forces) give off can result in health problems like fatigue, extra stress and more. Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation, so if you can, leave the television, laptop and cell phone in another room. If you need your cell nearby for work or as an alarm clock (get a battery operated one!), aim to place it at least five feet from your head. 

Hang Art At Eye Level

There are both practical and feng shui reasons why you'd want to hang any art, in your bedroom or elsewhere, at eye level. For obvious design reasons, hanging art at eye level allows the eye to rest easily and view art comfortably, without having to crane the neck up or lean down. In feng shui, hanging artwork too low can bring down your energy and the energy of your space. Here are some tips for hanging art successfully in your new place! 

I've shared several tips, all very basic feng shui adjustments, for moving into a new apartment and creating a holistic space. Of course, each space, and the person or people in it, is individual, so there are always more in-depth remedies depending on the person. If you're interested in those, I would definitely recommend seeking out a feng shui professional for specific services, but you can absolutely get started with these tips!

by Anjie Cho