The 5 Talismans You Need to Feel Beautiful

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image credit: Stocksy via  M  indBodyGreen

image credit: Stocksy via MindBodyGreen

In feng shui philosophy, true beauty arises from self-love. When one can be compassionate and loving to themselves, then they can truly connect and love others. This idea of beauty stemming from self-love often gets forgotten.

Luckily, here are five feng shui talismans for your home to bring beauty and self-love into your everyday life. But don’'t forget that when you can love and be compassionate with yourself, that is truly when you are the most beautiful!

Fresh Flowers

Fresh and fragrant flowers bring life energy into your space through nature, color, and scent. In feng shui, fresh flowers can unstick anything that's stuck. And when we're stuck, we don't feel beautiful. We feel stagnant and unhappy. The fragrance as well as the positive life force energy of flowers can transform a space and therefore change your energy. Your space is a reflection of you! full article

by Anjie Cho