Feng Shui Book Recommendations

featured this month on Marina V Design Studio 

I've been asked many times to recommend beginner books on Feng Shui. I certainly hope this post will be very useful for those who have reached out to me as well as the many who can benefit from reading this post in the future. I believe the first time this subject came up on air is on LuAnn Nigara's A Well-Designed Business podcast episode on Feng Shui & Interior Design. If you have not listened to it yet, I would love for you to take a listen. Luann's interviews are always great and I was honored to be one of her guests.

I had a few people contact me letting me know how much they enjoyed the podcast episode and wondering if I could recommend books for Feng Shui beginners. Hope you find a book or two that sparks your Feng Shui interest even more. Please note that recommended books have affiliate links.

On my reading list is a book by my colleague Anjie Cho that I have yet to read. Her book 108 Ways To Create Holistic Spaces looks beautiful and I look forward to reading it soon. 

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